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What does your communications data say about you?

Business Intelligence – BI – is nothing new, but it’s certainly an incredibly hot topic right now, particularly at a time when organisations are being pressured to do more, with less, and keep customers satisfied in the process.

Delving into communications data that lies potentially untapped, at your fingertips, could therefore reveal far more about your company, than you may otherwise ever know.

It’s our job to help you unpick the data generated by your communications cloud, and generate maximum value from it, quickly. Because, if a single telephone call alone is said to provide 600 pieces of possible insight (, imagine how many metrics you could uncover across an organisation’s voice, video, messaging, conferencing and collaboration infrastructure.

This isn’t information to be afraid of, nor are you behaving like ‘Big Brother’ if you start to home in on it. We’re simply helping to uncover facts that enable you to ask important questions and make informed decisions surrounding technological investments, the customer experience, workplace performance, employee engagement, wellbeing levels and more.

BI & analytics solutions 
for IT leaders:

  • Analyse everything from bandwidth capacity and call pickup times, to network service quality and collaboration patterns. Your outcomes can then range from the development of least cost routing and reduced call charges, to better resource management and predictive trend analysis.
  • With UC stacks becoming increasingly varied – not least with the explosion of Microsoft Teams – we can help you monitor your entire communications estate.
  • You’ll develop a comprehensive overview of how successfully the workforce is adopting your UC technologies – or not – which could shape further training needs.
  • Data associated with tech usage, performance and service levels can validate the need for an infrastructure upgrade.
  • We partner with the workplace analytics specialists at Tiger to supercharge our BI solutions – these guys love data, and their industry-proven analytics software helps deliver maximum context through a single pane of glass.

BI & analytics solutions 
for CEOs:

  • The power of technology is unleashed by people, so our goal is to provide a holistic view of your true workplace performance.
  • Our priority is to arm your decision makers with actionable insights – in other words, evidence that enables you to make informed next step decisions that drive better performance, rather than relying on assumptions alone.
  • We’ll empower your business to harness data in real-time and spot changes that can be addressed in the moment.
  • With colleagues working more disparately than ever – and employers’ duty of care in sharp focus – we can help you better protect wellbeing levels, wherever employees may be.  Discover everything from device usage and activity duration, through to the adoption of more collaborative tools and time of day patterns, to identify those who may need more support with remote working practices.

Knowledge is power, people are everything

“Mental health is now thankfully a topic openly discussed in the boardroom – with employee wellbeing an increasingly important strategic objective for organisations large and small.

But still, I fear, too many businesses sweep the subject under the carpet, hoping their colleagues are completely fine. Some leaders are perhaps worried, even, about what they may discover if they actually checked in to see how people are feeling.

But assumptions are dangerous, particularly where wellness is concerned. And this is one of the fantastic ‘softer’ benefits of UC analytics.

Uncovering data about device usage and time of day patterns doesn’t automatically signify an immediate problem, of course, but it could signify a possible mental health risk, if the individual feels disconnected from the team or overworked. On the other hand, it may transpire that there’s actually a training requirement, but the data can at least subtly start the conversation.

This area of leadership can no longer go overlooked.”

Tim Mercer, CEO, Vapour


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