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Being customer-focused means caring about the problem first, and the product second. But when it comes to the hardware, software, and applications we use, only the best solutions find their way into our toolkit.

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From resilient network connectivity and unified communications, to bleeding-edge robotic process automation, security, and business intelligence, we’ll design a cloud infrastructure that unleashes flexibility, boosts growth and drives change.

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Private and public 
cloud networks

Key to our cloud connectivity is choice – exactly which service is right for you will depend on the flow of data your business needs now, and into the future.

But whatever delivery method you choose – a public, private or hybrid cloud solution – you’re assured of quick, easy and efficient network deployment, with resilience and security built-in as standard.

At a-glance summary:

Vapour’s private MPLS networks power the full breadth of multichannel, business-critical applications and are owned, run and managed by our own engineers for optimum, SLA-focused robustness. We offer:

  • Eight classes of service – including DSL leased lines, PFTTC, EoFTTC and more – across two private, ultra-resilient MPLS networks.
  • Five ISO27001 accredited UK data centres.
  • Interconnects with all Tier 1 carriers, plus ITS, Virtual1 and Metronet.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • 100% response rate within 30 minutes for priority 1 outages.
  • Centralised management for different carriers, brought into one WAN.
We also provide businesses with fast, secure and seamless public cloud connectivity with multiple CSPs – Express Connect.

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Becoming increasingly popular among UK businesses with a cloud-first roadmap, SD-WAN (a virtual WAN architecture) delivers rapid cloud connectivity with the ability to change bandwidth in real-time.

It offers a cost-effective and scalable way to gain visibility and control of your network, with zero touch provisioning, and is ideal for satellite operations, non-business critical applications and secure remote working.

By partnering with Fortinet for our SD-WAN deployments – a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for WAN Edge infrastructure – security is ensured, as standard.

At a-glance summary:
  • Vapour’s SD-WAN networks are delivered in collaboration with Fortinet – the fastest-growing SD-WAN provider.
  • Can deliver agility, performance improvements, automatically balance the load, and allow networks to run more efficiently.
  • Advanced routing and self-healing capabilities, plus flexible security using network firewall or SASE-based cloud services, in one integrated solution.
  • Multiple solutions available including SD-WAN overlays for MPLS networks, and ‘plug and play’ SD-WAN boxes to protect corporate traffic in remote working setups.
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Next-generation, feature rich cloud communications with the potential to include voice, video, email, instant messaging, web chat, SMS, social media and more.

Delivered via the backbone of our secure network, our cost-effective, OpEx friendly Unified Communications solutions empower growing businesses to operate from anywhere, with one-number and soft client technology enabling remote working as standard.

Multiple features are available including compliant call recording, call directing, one-click disaster recovery, CRM integration and a range of collaboration tools for maximum colleague productivity.

At a-glance summary:
  • Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams by bringing everything into one tech stack and enabling full voice capabilities natively with Microsoft-certified SBCs.
  • Vapour is one of the UK’s most trusted and fastest-growing Avaya partners, e.g. we can deliver Avaya’s IPO subscription service with an end-to-end service wrap for maximum SLA performance.
  • We partner with Content Guru for customers seeking a market-leading WebRTC-powered omnichannel customer engagement solution – perfect for contact centres.
  • Vapour delivers a 100% response rate within 30 minutes for priority 1 outages, for business continuity reassurance.
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Microsoft services

The tech giant became even more powerful during 2020, when Microsoft Teams usage jumped from 20 million active users in November 2019, to 115 million the following October.

With this accelerated adoption and reliance on Teams collaborations has come an unparalleled appetite for bringing all communications into one single ecosystem.

So, Vapour has partnered with Tech Data, to deliver everything you need — from one trusted provider.

At a-glance summary:
  • Licenses for any Microsoft product.
  • Complete Teams integration to enable full voice capabilities, natively, without relying on Microsoft’s calling plans – Teams becomes the end point on the communications platform.
  • Direct routing – however complex – via Microsoft-certified Session Border Controls (SBCs).
  • Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud computing.
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Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

For customers keen to boost productivity, employee morale, and customer service, we can unshackle their processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Focusing on the use of RPA as an enabler, our automation consultants spend time understanding organisations’ key pressure points, from the shop floor to the contact centre. And the objective, usually, is to rid teams of mundane, laborious and time-intensive tasks that deliver little value.

At a-glance summary:
  • For automation projects, Vapour partners with RPA specialist Robiquity – an organisation trusted by Blue Prism and UiPath to supply, train and educate organisations to get the best results from robotic process automation technology.

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Backups have never been such a hot topic, but keeping customer data safe has been one of Vapour’s priorities since day one, in 2013.

In the event of data loss, accidental deletion, server failure, ransomware attack or natural disaster, we’ll ensure you can recover the information you need, quickly and with minimal fuss.

Our goal is to ensure you can concentrate on what really matters – resuming business as usual, as soon as possible.

At a-glance summary:
  • Our partner is global data management leader Veeam – a trusted organisation with more than 400,000 cloud backup customers, globally.
  • We focus on providing simple, flexible and reliable backup and recovery solutions, so you know we’re always there, when you hopefully don’t need us!
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Cloud security

We’ve lived and breathed security long before GDPR ever reared its head, which means we concentrate far more on data safety, than scaremongering.

We’ll investigate and report on any part of your network and/or infrastructure to safeguard against cyber threats and compliance breaches, before offering a full suite of security services to resolve weak spots.

Our resilient data centres are ISO27001 accredited and our team is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

We have device, network and personal security solutions available, including:
  • Virtual private clouds which encase your network activity and shield you from wider internet threats.
  • Cyber threat resilience testing which imitates the actions of a human hacker.
  • Phishing simulation training, so employees can become the first line of defence against cybercrime.
  • Email filtering, encryption, enhancement, archiving, MFA, and more.
  • Device restoration in the event of a fault or failure.
  • Digital certificate management.
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Data security is engrained within Vapour’s DNA, which is why we offer the highest class of FortiGate firewall protection for our customers.

From shared cloud to dedicated cloud solutions, as well as on-premise and SD-WAN firewalls, we will devise tailored-to-fit network security to safeguard your business operations from untrusted activity.

At a-glance summary:
  • Web filtering
  • Antispam
  • IP reputation and antibotnet
  • SSL VPN users
  • Antivirus
  • Application control
  • Malware protection
  • Unlimited policies
  • Unlimited NAT rules
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The ‘bread and butter’ of Vapour’s cloud infrastructure, we offer a variety of server and virtualised computing services either over the internet or via our own private MPLS network, with hybrid solutions also available and becoming increasingly common.

We can even wrap up a tailored cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) package – a resilient outsourced model for peace of mind that business-critical information is housed in a resilient virtual data centre environment with ease of access, whenever access is needed.

At a-glance options include:
  • A secure full server replication service which automatically keeps a live copy of your business-critical servers off-site, ready for recovery, within a defined SLA.
  • Colocation, which allows our customers to rent rackspace – inclusive of the cooling, power and cloud security – for their servers, storage and/or networking hardware.
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Disaster Recovery as
a Service (DRaaS)

Vapour’s secure cloud infrastructure means that we can design and build a complete disaster recovery strategy for your business, using only the tools within our own ecosystem.

We can either create and hand over the plan following an audit of your organisation, or deliver the technology on an ongoing basis, via an affordable OpEx DRaaS contract.

Our DRaaS solutions are scalable so customers can add or remove components as their business evolves – because we know nobody stands still.

At a-glance options include:
  • Business audit and DR strategy design and implementation, complete with software and hardware inventory, testing and training.
  • Server replication services, backups, secure connectivity, failover circuits and more – all with in-built resilience and high availability.
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Business Intelligence

Organisations’ ever-expanding tech-stacks are making it harder to analyse the data generated by Unified Communications and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. But now is not the time to run your business in the dark.

By partnering with workplace analytics specialist Tiger we can deliver powerful business intelligence (BI) dashboards that inform and transform how employees work, collaborate and perform across their communications platforms.

Why does BI matter?

Workplace analytics can uncover actionable insights which:

  • Help evaluate the successful adoption of communication tools.
  • Better understand the customer journey and experience levels.
  • Monitor employee wellbeing, engagement, morale, and training requirements.
  • May support the business case for a tech upgrade.
  • Develop a holistic understanding of business performance.
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Application Monitoring

There was a time when only corporate IT environments were complex. Now, organisations of all shapes and sizes are building intricate tech infrastructures, and demanding more from the performance of their networks.

Vapour has therefore created an Application Monitoring as a Service (AMaaS) solution – a proactive surveillance tool for organisations’ on-premise, cloud and hybrid applications – available on a subscription basis.

At a glance summary:
  • Single-pane visibility across the entire IT estate.
  • Identify and rectify unknown performance issues – broken processes, bandwidth drains etc.
  • Detect potential performance risks before they arise for greater network efficiency, reduced downtime, and lower IT costs.
  • Installed on Vapour networks, for free. Monthly subscription fee determined by number of endpoint devices.

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