We’re cloud technology leaders…

…with a problem-solving toolkit that unlocks growth, drives change, fuels innovation, boosts productivity and removes workplace headaches.

We came to the market with a cloud-first mission, perhaps before UK businesses were ready. But now everyone is talking about digital transformation, we’re a safe pair of hands, making the complex simple, clever and powerful. And with an eye constantly on the future, there’s far more to come from our HQ.
Our technology is exciting, but only people can get excited. That’s why we’re as known for our team as we are our toolkit. We work with clients to demystify the jargon-filled world of cloud, and will never settle for just, ‘OK’.

Customers love our passion, honesty, energy and ownership. We’re not afraid to ask “why?” but we’ve always got your back.

Meet some of the people that make the impossible possible.

Tim Mercer


He began his career in the armed forces, so is not your average tech entrepreneur. But having learnt the importance of communication, camaraderie and integrity away from the business environment, Tim has a clear, bold and human-centred vision, that encourages our cloud technology specialists to think differently, be brave and push for better.

Carol McGrotty

Head of transformation and operations

Referred to by many as the lifeblood of our team, Carol is a people-orientated, process-driven customer service specialist who ensures we join the dots when delivering any project, large or small. Bridging every gap between sales, operations, technical team and ongoing support, she is a true ambassador for women in tech.

Alec Stephens

Sales manager

With 15 years’ technology experience – and counting –Alec is passionate about demystifying the often unnecessarily complicated world of tech to unlock customers’ true potential. Focusing on being technology agnostic, it’s his role to listen, challenge and problem solve, using our toolkit to drive the change our customers seek.

Blaine Craig

Customer services manager

You don’t achieve a 30-year career in communications without looking out for the customer. Blaine knows that quick wins don’t build relationships, so instead, he’s focused on the client’s long game, constantly. He asks the right questions and takes time to stop and think before making decisions, keeping things clear and simple along the way.

Jill Playfair

Finance manager

With a passion for helping things grow – whether on her allotment or at Vapour’s HQ – Jill is a self-confessed ‘non techy’ with a firm eye on our future. Just like her colleagues, she is sharp, looks beyond the obvious, and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, which drives Vapour forward while we concentrate on customers.

Want to be a part of Vapour?

Teamwork, empathy, loyalty and dependability are core to our DNA. We look out for customers – and each other – and colleagues have been hand-selected as much for their attitudes, as their skill sets.

So, if you want to challenge the status quo, push for better and love your work, send us your CV and tell us a bit about yourself.

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