Why we’re watching the Dialpad news

Friends of Vapour will know that we’re such big fans of cloud tech that we don’t just love shouting about our own innovations – we’re constantly scouring the space, globally, to give shout outs to other pioneers too.

One firm to catch our attention recently is Dialpad – a start-up on the other side of the ‘pond’. Like us, they’re a young brand that has recently secured funding to fuel their next stage of fast growth. For this San Francisco solutions provider, the latest venture capital addition is $50m, which will allow them to particularly explore the realms of potential within AI and the IoT.

What further caught our eye was their product suite. They’re also passionate about multichannel cloud comms across voice, video and chat, with an array of features reported to add value to different business propositions. And they too prioritise security, scalability and reliability, particularly within contact centre teams.

With both co-founders having worked in voice for Google, and renowned Silicon Valley names on the board, this is a brand with a wealth of skill, credibility and experience under its belt. It will be a very exciting story to watch unfold.

From our perspective, this excitement is magnified because their cloud tech focus mirrors our own. We are also working on some extremely exciting video innovations here in the UK, which will be accessible for organisations irrespective of their size. We’re pushing new boundaries with WebRTC and already looking ahead to next-gen tech that will break the mould of what has been ‘tradition’ for too long in the UK, especially in sectors such as healthcare.

So, whilst our investment pot may not be quite as big as Dialpad’s, we’ve also got a bold roadmap and a healthy-looking fund to turn our plans into a reality. So please watch this space too…

Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on September 4, 2018

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