What will the IoT mean for platform services?

The Internet of Things (otherwise known as IoT) is currently one of the most-talked-about subjects in the world of technology. It is fuelling some of the most exciting advancements in cutting-edge businesses and is – quite rightly – catching the attention of organisations large and small.

There are others of course, who have no idea what IoT is all about. So, before it’s possible to explore how IoT will change the provision of platform services, it’s crucial to understand exactly what the Internet of Things even is!

Behind the hype, the IoT is quite simply the use of technology – and more specifically connectivity – to solve business problems. It has the power to network various devices, platforms, tools and systems, to integrate data and uncover new information.

Some people have critiqued the concept, worried it removes the role of a human. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, humans may be stripped of some of the computing that would have otherwise taken them hours/days/weeks to process, but the savvy application of IoT absolutely relies on strategic human direction, ideas creation and evaluation.

The great thing about IoT is that it can make extremely complex – and even seemingly impossible – tasks, achievable. What’s more the outcomes can feel unbelievably simple! Just think about all the smart tech we have in our homes nowadays and the convenience this brings to everyday life!

But when it comes to the business environment, what potential does IoT present? And, more specifically, how can it add value from an IT infrastructure perspective?

As a digital transformation specialist this is a topic we’ve been looking at – a lot! And nobody has a crystal ball to say definitively what will happen as companies demand more from IoT. However, the direction of travel for the channel, is absolutely the need for IoT test platforms.

IoT works brilliantly when people can create, develop, trial and learn. A test platform is the perfect ‘safe’ space for them to do this – especially if the first thing senior management teams will ask is ‘how do we check it works?’. Such a platform will enable them to spin servers up, test concepts, then bring them back down to iterate and – hopefully – implement. But they need to be flexible, scalable and personal.

IT has never been so exciting, providing you’ve got the right partners on board.

If you want to explore the potential for IoT in your business, and are interested in developing some test concepts for your business, talk to us about what’s possible.

Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on October 8, 2018

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