Another new colleague has joined the ranks at Vapour HQ, following the appointment of Greeta Sagris as executive and team administrator.

With a strong project coordination skill set, Greeta is experienced in managing varied stakeholder requirements and expectations, among customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners alike. Most recently employed as property manager at a Huddersfield-based lettings firm, she is used to ‘juggling many plates’, keeping complex assignments on track and maintaining clear lines of communication throughout.

In her new role at Vapour, she will work closely with the senior management team in an executive position, bringing together a number of projects that will benefit clients, and freeing up SMT’s time to better support our sales and marketing team as we push for growth in 2021. 

She will also take on the day to day running of the office.

Elaborating on why she was attracted to the opportunity, Greeta said: “I’ve known of Vapour for a couple of years so have watched them, from a distance, until now.

“It’s clear how much they’ve invested in not only their tech stack and the development of the team this year, but also ‘doing the right thing’ during Covid-19. This was a strong pull – so many businesses talk about having authentic values, but sadly not all of them walk the walk.

“As we prepare for another wave of growth – evidenced not least by the recently completed scale up programme in association with Barclays and Cambridge University – I believe I can provide an extra pair of much-needed hands. I’m very process driven, hot on quality control and not afraid to roll my sleeves up. I’m really excited to be onboard.”

CEO Tim Mercer added: “If ever there was a year which proved the risk to set up Vapour was worth it, it’s 2020. When the business world spiralled into chaos due to Covid-19, we were there – delivering the same great technologies we’ve always focused on, to a now inconceivable number of businesses who have accelerated their adoption of cloud because of the mass shift to remote working, the pressure to boost productivity and the unswerving need to keep colleagues and customers connected, secure and engaged.”

“Because Vapour has always been committed to bringing enterprise-level solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes, this meant digital transformation was within reach of organisations large and small – not just those with whopper budgets,” he continued. “But as we grow, it’s important that we keep investing in talent within our team too. Customers tell us our people are as valuable as our technology, so every hire is crucial. We’re delighted to have Greeta on board.”

Greeta (pronounced Gre-ta) has already set the bar high by showing off her baking talents, on day one. She’s yet to reveal her musical flair and ability to speak fluent Italian and Estonian! All in good time…