We’ve talked a lot – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – about ‘giving back’. And now, spearheaded by our newly-appointed charity champion Emily Potter, Vapour’s fundraising efforts are about to go up a notch.

We’ve pledged to commit to 12 months of support for CLIC Sargent – a hard-working organisation which fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives.

This worthy cause – which lies particularly close to the heart of one of our colleagues – was chosen by the team. And now all eyes are on the calendar of charitable activities that Emily has drawn up for us to get involved in.

Aiming to organise something for everyone, she’s kicking off with a 50-50 raffle – a simple prize draw which sees the lucky winner take home half of the proceeds while the rest goes into the charity’s coffers.

Then we’ll transform our car park into a car wash in the first week of August, when Vapour’s management team will roll up their sleeves and clean colleagues’ vehicles, for only a £7 donation each. Rumour has it they’ll donate even more to the ‘pot’, if any colleagues are willing to return the favour!

But this is just the beginning, alludes Emily.

“I see this as a fantastic opportunity to not only do something really worthwhile, for an unbelievable cause, but also come together as a team, and have some fun,” she said.

“I’ve already got more ideas than there are months in the year – and colleagues’ suggestions are welcome too – but the aim between now and mid-2021 is to all do our bit and hopefully raise as much as we can in the process. I’d love to think we could do a long walk or a team challenge next year, but I’ll let everyone get warmed up a little, first!!”

Commenting on turning Emily’s suggestion into reality, Vapour’s head of operations and compliance Carol McGrotty said: “We’ve got a ‘speak up’ policy within the business which encourages colleagues to share ideas and innovations, frustrations and fears, so that – together – we keep pushing for better.

“Emily came to us a couple of months ago via our ‘You Said We Did’ board, to ask if we could do more for charity. So, we nominated her to run with it! Fast forward to summer 2020 – the start of our new financial year – and we’re delighted to have a packed agenda of fundraising activities already in the diary for this incredible charity.”

CLIC Sargent provides an array of services ranging from day-to-day support so families can try to cope with a cancer diagnosis, help to manage the financial impact, homes from home, services that help young people to thrive not just survive, and being there during bereavement.

Watch this space and why not follow us on Twitter to see our fundraising activities in action?