Hot on the heels of our pledge to boost our environmental agenda, earlier this year, Vapour’s finance manager Jill Playfair has been going the extra mile to ensure the company grows even greener as the months unfold. And it seems she’s only just getting started…

Our springtime plans to install formal planters within our HQ grounds obviously had to be put on hold earlier this year, due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  Nevertheless, no one told the wildflowers to hold back on a patch of land in the car park, and they carried on with the ‘business of growing’ regardless!

In fact, on a visit to our office a month or so ago, I noticed these blooms had taken up residency!

So, as a member of the local Wildflower Collective in Calderdale, I suggested that this more ‘natural’ approach to Vapour’s gardening efforts might actually be the better way forward.

With our business premises usually neatly pruned, we don’t ordinarily get to see the lovely displays a wild-flowered patch can offer. But I thought this subtle injection of colour would provide a cheerful welcome to colleagues, partners and customers, when they start to arrive at our HQ again in the coming months. Plus, we’d be doing our bit for the bees in the process!

And my colleagues agreed. Already, the spray of blooms looks lovely, but really, I’m just getting started.

While we all enjoyed the hot weather earlier this year, gardeners have more than welcomed the recent rains.  In fact, with every downpour that has soaked the soil on that little patch of ground, I’ve dug the area over and thrown a few more wildflower seed bombs at it!

I even mentioned what I was planning to a neighbour, and low and behold, plugs of foxgloves turned up on my doorstep, ready for planting in autumn to flower next year! Together with the poppy seeds I’ve been collecting – among others – I think we can expect to see a spectacular display in 2021.

Visitors to HQ may soon see some more environmentally-friendly changes to our car park too – watch this space over the coming weeks…

In the meantime, it’s not just business as usual for the Vapour team – it seems the wildflowers got the BAU memo too!