Welcome to the first instalment of our 2021 technology news roundup, where we’ll update you on some of the innovations and key developments that have caught our eye in the digital space. At Vapour, we understand how important it is to keep up to date the latest news, views and must-knows. So, we’ll share our straight-talking curation of the highlights, to ensure you’re always on top of the game.

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The future that UK tech built

Tech Nation’s 2021 report has arrived, sharing the biggest figures, trends, and emerging technology in the industry. From the UK’s 17% rise in deep tech investment – the highest in the world might we add – to 2% growth in local employment in the sector for Yorkshire and the Humber, it’s clear the economic importance of technology is increasing. Read the report to learn more about some of the pioneers changing the landscape for the future of digital innovations.

Creating employee connections

Think the only way to create employee connections is by holding more meetings? Think again. Gartner discussed how the new digital behaviours adopted during the pandemic will translate into a move to hybrid working, and how tailoring strategies, adding value and using the appropriate channel for employee communications, will supercharge your workplace connections.

Covid-19 and its cyber risks

It’s no surprise that internet usage rose during the pandemic, but unfortunately cybercrime followed suit. Not only were 20,000 domains suspended for criminal activity, but there has also been a 20% increase in serious cases. And as workers relocated to a remote setup, the threat moved closer to home. Is your business secure? Let’s talk…

Are you looking for a job in tech?

The BBC reported that the UK is heading towards a technology skills shortage, due to the lack of young talent studying IT subjects. For an industry that’s fuelled by innovation and only set to thrive, we (as technology leaders) need to support the upskilling of talent and champion the technical expertise that’s needed to support the UK’s economic recovery.

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