Think Microsoft Teams has revolutionised your business? You haven’t met TeamsLink yet!

Cloud technology disruptor Vapour is taking Microsoft Teams to the next level with the introduction of TeamsLink – a powerful direct routing solution which enables efficient, compliant external voice calls from within Microsoft Teams.

In the knowledge that hybrid working is here to stay, and has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses globally, this solution is fully cloud-based and aims to supercharge the Unified Communication capabilities of companies large and small.

Microsoft is the leading vendor in the UC market. And with over 230 million active 365 users every month, and 500,000+ organisations using Teams, it’s time to make it work harder for your organisation, believes Vapour CEO Tim Mercer.

“We’ve all been wowed by the impact that Teams has had on our working lives,” he said. “And we’ve seen incredible adoption rates at an astounding pace. But so many companies are merely scratching the surface when it comes to their true collaboration, productivity and reporting potential. We’re here to address that.”

With one tool for messaging, video meetings, calling, file sharing and more, TeamsLink’s intuitive online portal gives complete visual control over the management of users and call flows. It also offers the opportunity to uncover otherwise untapped business intelligence to analyse true workplace performance, service levels, engagement and morale.

Want to know more?

The easiest way to understand how transformative tech can be is to see it in action. So, Vapour is offering a behind the scenes look at TeamsLink’s functionality, in an information-filled webinar on 20 July.

In this 50-minute session – ‘Unleash the UC capabilities of Microsoft Teams — Introducing TeamsLink’ – Vapour will be joined by Barry Ward, product director and TeamsLink specialist from Wavenet.

The straight—talking event will cover:

Interested – find out more and register your place.

Want to research a little further first? Check out our new TeamsLink information hub.

Disruptive cloud specialist Vapour has launched a new Technology as a Service (TaaS) proposition, as the progressive firm continues its commitment to aiding the digital transformation of businesses large and small.

With TaaS commonly perceived as merely a lease plan for hardware and software procurement, there is far more to Vapour’s offering.

The goal is to support customers with the consistent delivery of high-performance technology, applications, and endpoint security, with proactive device imaging for a seamless user experience, plus the compliant handling of redundant kit and ongoing IT support.

But there will be no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, says Vapour’s CEO Tim Mercer.

“Whether we’re supporting a rapidly growing business with the onboarding of new staff, at pace, or handling a customer’s rip and replace strategy, the key to a value-adding TaaS proposition is flexibility,” he said.

“We’ll work with the customer to ensure every new device is supplied complete with the apps, functionality, UX and security that the employee requires – all they need to do is log on! This ticks many boxes, not least in terms of efficiency, quality control, minimal IT headaches and procurement simplicity. And everything is available for an affordable fixed price per user.”

With global environmental pressures mounting, Vapour predicts the take-back element of the TaaS offering will prove particularly popular.

Head of transformation and compliance Carol McGrotty added: “The TaaS contract can include the compliant recovery of redundant equipment with complete audit trail – to uphold customers’ data destruction and environmental responsibilities. Working with an AATF, we’ll ensure devices can be reused where possible, for maximum sustainability benefits but none of the security worries. And if the equipment is beyond repair, it will be processed for recycling.”

As a recognised Microsoft CSP, customers can source any Microsoft product or service, through Vapour – including Teams licences, Azure, hybrid cloud, and backups – with one wrap-around support solution, analytics across the collaboration stack, and direct escalation into Microsoft if needed. However, the company is technology agnostic so will produce a TaaS agreement tailored to customers’ individual requirements. For more information, please visit

Cloud technology disruptor Vapour has launched an SD-WAN solution – powered by Gartner Magic Quadrant leader Fortinet – to integrate endpoint and network security for the hybrid workplace.

Deployed as a software licence – with three levels of support available on a ‘price per user per month’ basis – the solution facilitates endpoint visibility and management, secure remote access for employees irrespective of location, and automated threat intelligence and response.

Mindful that IT leaders are seeking zero-touch provisioning, this technology is even simpler to roll out, as no hardware installation is required. The service has been 12 months in the planning.

With transparent visibility to each endpoint, the solution gives IT teams full control over individual compliance, and ensures that endpoint-borne risks such as firewall weaknesses or unsecure home routers will not pose a threat to corporate networks.

Security workflows are automated for proactive ongoing management, and dynamic controls mean the SD-WAN technology ‘fixes itself’, based on colleagues’ security posture, and the speed, performance, and traffic on the network at a given point in time. Potential security threats are also raised, and incidents contained almost instantly.

Commenting on the timeliness of the launch, Vapour’s CEO Tim Mercer said: “We all know that the traditional 9-5 is long gone, with employees seeking increasing flexibility from their working day –especially when it comes to location. Many people are keen to remain at home, some are hungry to return to the workplace, and others want the fluidity to decide from one day to the next.

“Hybrid working is definitely the future, but this isn’t the easiest to manage from a network security perspective. This is exactly why we’ve launched this solution – it’s powerful technology designed to liberate businesses, as they move forward in a post-Covid world.”

Vapour’s market research revealed that most organisations are reliant on VPNs only, but the cost and time associated with managing this approach to network security means the solution is usually available for a limited number of senior colleagues alone.

Vapour’s senior network engineer Salim Ramzan added: “The beauty of our software-focused solution to secure hybrid working, is that it is technically brilliant, but operationally effortless. Even the ‘Lite’ version of the licence includes functionality that I predict 40% of IT leaders don’t currently have.

“That’s the benefit of investing in a security-first cloud architecture – security lies at the heart of it, rather than it being an afterthought. For example, a sandbox feature automatically identifies potentially malicious inbound content, sends it to Fortinet and explores its validity, in seconds, before allowing it to land in the recipient’s inbox. If the sandbox is dissatisfied with the outcome, the content is held and the IT director is alerted so that they can investigate it further, in a secure environment, if they wish.”

Further information on Vapour’s Lite, Premium and Pro licences, can be found at

The first quarter of 2021 has flown by, as we’ve seen our rebrand, investments and new appointments taking over the news! So, let’s look back at the last three months in the media, to see whereabouts we hit.

Our new direction and hat-trick of collaborations

Data Centre & Network News noted our trio of powerful new industry collaborations that’ve been 12 months in the making. From further enhancing our existing relationship with firewall partner Fortinet, to cementing our relationship with Veeam and signing a new deal with TechData, it’s clear we’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes. We also added new solutions – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and UC+C analytics – to our growing toolkit, investing £350k in the cloud technologies powering the UK’s most ambitious businesses.

Two new hires and head of transformation move

February saw our new ‘appointment and promotion’ announcement circle the news, as we progress towards our £7m turnover target for the year. Our long-standing operations lead, Carol McGrotty, made the transition into her new role as head of transformation, following 20 years in the telecoms industry. She didn’t wait around to add to her team either, with two new starters welcomed onboard quickly, to enhance Vapour’s technical capacity even further! Read the full story over at UK Tech News.

How to overcome 5 key tech challenges for 2021

Vapour’s sales manager, Alec Stephens, spoke to Techerati to offer his thoughts on the challenges businesses are set to face in what will be a pivotal year for most. His expert advice delved deep into fixing issues caused by legacy systems, remote working, and why your insights may drop as your tech stack evolves. Want to know how bringing multichannel comms into one ecosystem makes it far easier to explore workplace analytics? Then this isn’t one to miss!

The UC Summit with JCT600

Our CEO, Tim Mercer, featured in UC Summit’s annual conference and expo, exploring Vapour’s digital cloud transformation for automotive retail giant, JCT600. With JCT600’s IT manager, Chris Gensmantel, they highlighted some of the key challenges of transitioning a 50-site business to a managed cloud service, and what this meant for their mission to be not just the biggest, but the best in a competitive market. Click here to watch the session, on demand.

Joining forces with The ICC Group

Channel EYE reported on our new partnership with The ICC Group (ICC), as we broke the news that we’ve joined forces to respond to the rising demand for next generation managed services in their customer base. The collaboration means that when ICC customers want to embark on a digital transformation journey – or even a cloud-first overhaul of their communications infrastructure – we’ll work together to deliver the perfect solution.

Stay tuned for more news from Vapour HQ, as 2021 unfolds!

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