Businesses of all shapes and sizes, around the UK, are vocalising their desire to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet – not least because of the impetus that has emerged as a result of COP26.

But Vapour has taken things one step further, having signed the pledge to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions by 2040 – a decade sooner than the Government’s net zero target.

The commitment comes as the team signs up to the SME Climate Hub – an initiative recognised by the United Nations – Race to Zero campaign.

“The UK was the world's first major economy to set a target of being net zero by 2050,” elaborated Vapour’s head of transformation and operations Carol McGrotty. “But to achieve such a bold vision, we all need to do our bit.

“Net zero means that we must put no more carbon into the atmosphere than we are taking out of it. So, the hard work starts now!”

Vapour is no stranger to making environmentally friendly efforts, with initiatives over the years ranging from small steps such as wild-flowering, on-site recycling, and the use of energy efficient lighting, through to more major movements. Carol recently authored a piece for Comms Dealer, for example, which explored how vendors in the channel could all reduce their carbon impact. And she similarly shared advice on our own knowledge hub to help customers and partners improve the green credentials of their tech stack too.

“We must acknowledge the part that we all play in this,” she added. “Yes, it will mean operational adjustments in some instances, and a strategic mindset shift is arguably even more important than that. But think of the benefits of this effort. We’re talking about a planet that can be truly – but responsibly – enjoyed, for generations to come.

“I’m proud that there’s so much energy within the Vapour team, to make this happen.”

Watch this space to see how Vapour’s journey to net zero unfolds…

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