CommsVision made its much anticipated return to the famed Gleneagles Hotel, in the heart of Scotland, last week. Rich with three days’ worth of strategic insight, it played a leading role, as ever, in setting the tech channel up for success in 2024. 

Helping organisations measure their own progress and chart a course for future growth, the focus of the event centred around: 

The speaker line-up was more diverse than ever before too. From the many business dynamics influencing decision-making to culture’s competitive edge, and why consistency and authenticity are key for growth, thought-leaders shared insight on a whole host of topics. 

But, according to Vapour CEO Tim Mercer, there were three major standouts this year.

  1. Cally Beaton — media executive, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Early in her career, Cally joined the board of the UK’s main commercial broadcaster, ITV, as the youngest and only female member. At a time when there wasn’t even a women’s toilet on the exec floor, there’s no denying she’s inspired professionals in the channel from the get-go. Naturally, her session at CommsVision was no different. 

Combining sharp wit and engaging delivery with unparalleled knowledge, she explored how cultivating braver and more authentic leaders is key for engendering personal and organisational change. Developing a more positive, agile, and inclusive environment means thinking differently. And, for want of a better phrase, to stop faffing and get on with it.

  1. Dan Cobley — tech investor and former MD of Google UK. 

Having spent over a decade at Google, serving as managing director of the giant’s UK & Ireland arm, Dan was responsible for helping companies large and small harness the true power of digital for ultimate commercial success. His expertise doesn’t end there though. Heard of the financial marketplace, ClearScore? It’s one of the fastest-growing ventures of Blenheim Chalcot, at which Dan is also the investor and managing partner.

His experience leading FinTech companies is therefore incredibly vast and varied. As such, he was perfectly placed to uncover the potential of disruptive technology such as AI and automation and explore how firms can use tech to scale rapidly and drive long-term growth. The key takeaway? Be terrifyingly open and bet on the future.

  1. Mandy Hickson — former Tornado pilot, author, and inspirational speaker.

Of the 3000 people who apply to fly Tornado jets in the Royal Air Force (RAF), only one will qualify. To put the scale of those odds into an even more astounding perspective, only five women in history have made the cut too. One of those women was Mandy Hickson, who served in a front-line Tornado GR4 squadron, playing an active role in the conflict in Iraq. 

Intelligent, thought-provoking, and incredibly engaging, she offered vivid insight into the leadership, teamwork and communication required to define and then realise specific goals in high-pressure situations. Drawing experience from her time in the RAF, she also brought attention to the value of open and honest post-project debriefs — something even the most forward-thinking businesses overlook.

Offering a concluding comment on the expo, Tim Mercer said: “It’s great to see the channel not only being more collaborative at events like CommsVision, but being more open-minded in approach each year too. These conversations will naturally have a huge impact on MSPs and resellers. But, above all else, it means clients gain access to a richer and more expansive set of products, services, and partnerships too.”

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