Technology as a service.

High performance hardware, software and support.

Ask customers what they perceive to be the main goal of a Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering, and they’ll probably tell you it’s the ability to pay for the latest workplace hardware and software, on a flexible lease. And of course, an affordable fixed price per user is one of the built-in benefits.

But what about the device imaging, to ensure a consistent user experience for every colleague? And responsibility for endpoint security? Plus, the delivery of the kit, when colleagues are working from more locations than ever before? Not to mention the compliant, environmentally responsible disposal of the redundant equipment?

Oh, and then there’s ongoing IT support – who will take care of that?

Imagine if all of THIS was included in that single monthly fee too…

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Benefits of TaaS for IT leaders:

  • A ‘go to’ solution for expanding firms and customers tackling ‘rip and replace’ projects.
  • Every new device is supplied complete with the apps, functionality, UX and security that the employee requires – all they need to do is log on!
  • An efficient approach to delivering a high performance, up-to-date technological infrastructure, with complete peace of mind – and minimal hassle – for the IT team.
  • The TaaS contract can include a compliant take back of redundant equipment with complete audit trail – to uphold your data destruction AND environmental responsibilities.
  • We’re tech agnostic, and don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. So, tell us what you need, and we’ll build a tailored TaaS package from there – with optional IT support also available.

Benefits of TaaS for CEOs:

  • Complete quality control across all hardware, software and support provided to the business.
  • Ensure the seamless onboarding of new starters – particularly crucial in fast-growth organisations, especially in the current era of hybrid working.
  • Streamline procurement processes and budget control, with a cash-flow-friendly OpEx model vetted and approved by your IT team.
  • Safeguard your sustainability, duty of care, and compliance obligations, with a solution designed for maximum all-round convenience.
  • Vapour is a security-first cloud technology specialist, committed to debunking the myths and overused jargon that dominates this space. We simply want to help you succeed. All you have to do is tell us what you need.

Plus, as a recognised Microsoft CSP, customers can source any Microsoft product or service, through Vapour – including Teams licences, Azure, hybrid cloud, and backups – with one wrap-around support solution, analytics across the collaboration stack, and direct escalation into Microsoft if needed.

Old tech isn’t just trash

With many organisations seeking to work harder, better, and faster than ever before, outdated equipment often can’t keep up. But while IT overhauls may result in a number of unwanted devices, this redundant technology isn’t necessarily destined for the scrap heap.

By working with a secure electronic waste company with an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF), we can ensure the safe reuse and or recycling of your old kit. This means you maximise your sustainability best practice, with complete peace of mind that your data has been fully destroyed, with the necessary paperwork to prove it.

Ready to get started..?

SD-WAN for hybrid working. The future of work is flexible – where does that leave your endpoint security status?

TeamsLink – Unified Communications for Microsoft Teams.

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