Remote working.

Hybrid working solutions, fit for the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved that working from home IS possible, even for businesses that have previously dismissed it as an option. In fact, the mass move to homeworking, almost overnight, showed that business continuity, productivity, camaraderie and morale can be maintained with relative ease, even when colleagues are based in multiple different locations.

However, true flexible working should allow employees to do their job from anywhere – HQ, a satellite office, at home, a co-working space or any other remote environment. But there’s more to making this a success than simply having a laptop and a mobile.

If remote working is to become a long-term, effective strategic workforce policy – as described by Gartner – employees need to stay connected, data should be subject to the same security protocol as in the corporate environment, and the customer experience must remain faultless.

Hybrid working solutions, fit for the future, need to stack up.

Remote working solutions for IT leaders:

  • We’ve invested heavily in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions with high-performance dynamic connections, to deliver bandwidth, latency and interoperability options to suit you.7
  • We live and breathe cloud security. Talk to us about our ISO27001 accredited data centres, Veeam backups, Fortinet firewalls and wider DRaaS options, for maximum peace of mind.
  • Unified communications (UC) is our ‘bread and butter’, for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Maintaining your customer experience is our priority.
  • We’ve devised an ultra-secure SD-WAN product for homeworkers – delivered in collaboration with Fortinet – for productivity and resilience, with zero touch provisioning.
  • We collaborate only with the best industry partners and employ our own extensively-trained engineers.
  • 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

Remote working solutions for CEOs:

  • Our flexible, networked cloud technology exists behind the scenes to power your growth. It’s scalable, secure and always on.
  • Our technology adapts to suit your needs, not the other way around.
  • We won’t just keep your colleagues connected – we’ll protect your data, enrich your communication strategies and untap actionable business intelligence that empowers you to push forward.
  • For Vapour, digital transformation is not a buzz phrase – change management is in our DNA, and our people are as important as our products. We’ll support you with your remote working strategy and work with you on continuous improvement.
  • Scale your bandwidth, licences and capacity up or down according to business performance and market force, with budget-friendly OpEx models for long-term cost-effectiveness.
  • Want to speak to other CEOs about their transition to hybrid working? No problem.

We drive powerful businesses

Covid-19 may have kickstarted more digital transformation projects in one year than we previously saw in an entire decade, but Vapour’s cloud technology has been fuelling powerful businesses since our company was founded. For us, remote working is nothing new.

Our clients realise that to attract the best talent, provide the greatest level of customer service, and deliver fluid growth, they must banish the traditional 9-5. And our ‘hidden’ technology keeps large corporates agile, contact centres communicating, nationwide operations connected and ambitious SMEs robust. But it’s never prescriptive.

Studies have revealed that homeworking doesn’t suit everyone, nor will it be all that colleagues demand from their employers moving forward – Covid ripped up the workplace rulebook for good. So, can your colleagues truly work from anywhere?

We’re here to activate change, seamlessly.

Erskine Murray -
Agile cloud communications infrastructure supports insurance business scale up.

SD-WAN for hybrid working. The future of work is flexible – where does that leave your endpoint security status?

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