Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation unlocks people potential.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is no longer an innovation for early adopters or organisations with big technology budgets. It isn’t here to steal the jobs of humans, make people redundant or strip businesses of their personality.

Instead, if designed and implemented effectively, RPA can make organisations slicker, improve productivity, and boost customer service. It can be used throughout the contact centre, shop floor, supply chain, and more. In short, it unleashes the true power of technology, in all the right places, to unlock scalable – and rapid – growth.

So where does this leave employees? RPA is one of the most strategic resource management opportunities of the fourth revolution – it is here to collaborate with and complement the human workforce. It can rid colleagues of burdensome tasks, maximise your people’s potential and strengthen their morale.

Yet still it’s hugely misunderstood…

What IT leaders need to know about our automation solutions

  • At Vapour, we partner only with the brightest talent in the world of automation. RPA specialist Robiquity is trusted by Blue Prism and UiPath to supply, train and educate organisations on the power of robotic process automation technology. And Content Guru is at the cutting edge of automation innovations within the contact centre environment.
  • From simple chat bot innovations and machine agents underpinned by NLP, through to ground-breaking automation innovations that improve workplace efficiencies by more than 100%, we’re here to make the impossible, possible – without you risking your job in the process.
  • We’re experienced in building automation business cases to help our clients achieve not just board sign off, but buy in. Talk to us if you want us to take care of the numbers – we’ll cover everything from productivity gains to the conversion of otherwise lost opportunities and the projected impact on staff absence.

What CEOs need to know about our automation solutions

  • Employees – particularly Generation Zs – are increasingly challenging inefficient ways of working. And so are we.
  • Our automation solutions aren’t here to replace humans. Instead, they’ll remove the ‘noise’ that usually gets in the way of colleagues speaking to customers, solving problems, and selling more products and services.
  • RPA shouldn’t be a one-off project, but a ‘way of doing things’ that reaps long-term ROI. That said, we’ll help you get started, activate some low time-to-value processes quickly, and iterate with an eye on continuous improvement.

RPA is a strategic enabler – if you let it!

Yes, the robots are coming – by 2025, they will appear on organisational charts! But this doesn’t mean everyone’s jobs are at risk.

In the world of automotive retail for example, we can help car buyers find their dream car online, compare deals and book a test drive, all without speaking to a salesperson. This doesn’t make the salesperson redundant. Instead, it gives them more time to spend with customers on the forecourt who prefer to compare vehicles in the ‘flesh’, instead of responding to emails from people confident enough to go it alone.

Joining these dots may sound impossible, but it isn’t.

Vapour’s automation consultants will spend time getting to the nub of your business. We don’t just want to deploy quick-fix technology to improve low value, back office tasks alone. Instead, our job is to help you overhaul complete end-to-end processes that will make a significant difference to both workforce fulfilment and your bottom line.

We’ll do this by evaluating all the component parts that make a process happen – people, software, systems, tasks and actions – before mapping out the workflow, designing some automation triggers and integrating technologies so they work together, smarter. We’ll remove the likelihood for error, compliance risks and capacity bottlenecks. And we’ll provide a safe pair of hands alongside your own team for as long as you need us to, or leave you with an RPA-ready mindset to tackle the future yourself.

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