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Data, device and network security – your business is in safe hands.

At the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2020, ‘securing the remote workforce’ was cited as the top project that leaders should concentrate on, to drive business value and reduce risk.

“Focus on business requirements and understand how users and groups access data and applications. Now that a few months have passed since the initial remote push, it’s time for a needs assessment and review of what has changed, to determine if access levels are correct and whether any security measures are actually impeding work,” Brian Reed, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner.

It’s therefore no surprise that cloud security for remote workers has been Vapour’s primary focus over the past 12 months. But by launching resilient SD-WAN solutions for homeworkers with zero touch provisioning, delivering phishing training, implementing disaster recovery solutions, upgrading our firewalls through our longstanding collaboration with Fortinet, enhancing our Veeam backup suite – and so much more – we aren’t just protecting remote working setups. We’re providing next level business continuity solutions, and a robust cloud security posture, for businesses large and small.

In fact, our cloud security toolkit is the strongest it’s ever been, which means our customers’ data, devices and networks are in extremely safe hands.

What IT leaders need to know about Vapour’s cloud security:

  • We don’t just ‘dabble’ in cloud security. We’ve been cloud first since Vapour was established in 2013, which means we understand this complex world inside out, and have deep-rooted relationships with the industry’s most elite security specialists, including Veeam and Fortinet – our preferred partners for backups, servers, firewalls and more.
  • From secure call recording and email security, through to ultra-resilient public, private and hybrid cloud networks, we consider everything when enhancing our customers’ security infrastructure.
  • We put resilience to the test too, with a suite of wider services including cyber threat simulation, phishing training and legislative compliance data audits.
  • Vapour’s data centres are ISO27001 accredited, and our engineers are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

What CEOs need to know about Vapour’s cloud security:

  • We don’t just concentrate on the security of your cloud technologies. It’s a widely acknowledged fact that people remain the biggest threat to cyberattacks, so we can focus as much on employee behaviour and training, as we do on endpoint security and network resilience.
  • Home security for business users is one of the most common concerns for companies acclimatising to long-term remote working. So, if you want your data and devices to be subject to the same security protocol as they would within your corporate environment, we can provide that peace of mind.
  • Cost control is important, not least in the current economic climate, but reductions in IT spend are risky – particularly when it comes to cloud security. The ‘cost’ of a security breach, lengthy outage or business non-recovery, is far tougher to accommodate than a comprehensive yet OpEx friendly security solution.

Defining your security requirements

Some of our clients have highly experienced CTOs and IT directors who know exactly which cloud security services they require from us. And whether it’s a single component from our toolkit or a complete cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), we’re here to join the dots and keep your business safe.

If you don’t have a designated IT lead, we can help you define your security requirements – but don’t worry, we’re not expecting a blank cheque.

The resilience of our own cloud infrastructure and our commitment to demystifying an industry known for its jargon, is what contributed to Vapour quickly gaining its reputation in a crowded space. So, during a cloud security audit, we’ll ask the right questions, step back, think carefully, and advise what you need to do. No gimmicks, no pipedreams, no mis-sells. When it comes to cloud security, we’re honest to the Nth degree – there’s no other approach we could take.

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