Business Continuity.

When ‘disaster’ strikes, we’ll maintain business as usual.

Savvy organisations have had to adapt to the unexpected, way before Covid-19, but the events of 2020 particularly reminded us that it’s impossible to know what lies around the corner. From natural disasters to cyber-attacks, multiple factors can place business continuity under threat. But secure cloud technology has the power to deliver that all-important resilience when you need it the most.

So, whether you’re looking for individual technological elements such as backups, servers and managed circuits, through to a complete data security infrastructure, colocation strategy or a robust Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provision, we can help.

Business continuity solutions...

For IT leaders:

  • We’ve invested over £2m in our ultra-secure networks - incorporating MPLS and SD-WAN – and interconnected with all Tier 1 carriers to power connectivity for the full breadth of multichannel, business-critical applications.
  • Our private data centres are ISO27001 accredited.
  • We partner with Veeam to provide the most robust backups available.
  • Talk to us about public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, colocation services, firewalls, managed circuits and more – dependability runs through our
  • 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

For CEOs:

  • Scale your bandwidth, licences and capacity up and down according to business performance and market forces.
  • Budget-friendly OpEx models offer long-term cost effectiveness.
  • Our SLAs outline the minimum standard you can expect from Vapour.
  • We empower people to work from anywhere, with the same level of communication capabilities and security protocol, as if they were sat within your  corporate environment.
  • Benefit from ongoing support from our own extensively trained and highly accredited in-house cloud security experts.


Vapour is always on, always there...

Vapour’s technology may be ‘hidden’ from view, but that’s the power of a resilient infrastructure. It’s always there, especially when you need it the most. Safe hands.

That’s why, when we’re first approached to protect an organisation from the disruption of unplanned events, we challenge everything. Because, while some CTOs and IT directors will have a clear view of the disaster recovery infrastructure they need, other businesses may be tempted to make knee-jerk decisions based on ‘of the moment’ pressures.

Covid-19 highlighted this. The mass migration to remote working, for example, had to happen at pace and many businesses were unprepared for the digital transformation that was imposed upon them. The priority was, quite rightly, business survival. But as working from home became the norm, only then did organisations’ true collaborative potential – not to mention security flaws – come into view.

That’s why we’ll consult. Listen. Innovate. We’ll make sure the technology is slick. Secure. Engaging.

You’ve got this.

To discuss anything of interest in our solutions, please contact us.

Vapour powers high-resilience disaster recovery strategy for Zest4.

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