Application Performance Management.

What’s happening beneath the surface of your network?

Acknowledging the power that cloud technology can unleash, businesses are – quite rightly – using more applications than ever before. These apps can be deployed quickly, consumed at pace, interconnected with other tech and updated automatically – dynamism that sounds ideal for forward-thinking organisations keen to futureproof any IT investments.

And of course, this is the beauty of cloud tech. But for IT teams, this increasingly complex world of networked apps makes their performance harder to monitor and manage. Things can look extremely different from one day to the next.

That’s why Vapour offers a dedicated application performance management service – a complete, proactive package of support across your company’s entire tech infrastructure, to instantly pinpoint bottlenecks and other potential capacity problems. The result? Together, we’ll protect the user experience and ensure your technology achieves exactly what it’s there to do, when you need it the most.

What IT leaders need to know about Vapour’s Application Performance Management service:

  • Achieve end-to-end visibility of your network’s performance with actionable insights that enable you to optimise your applications, scale up/down, reduce MTTR, protect the user experience, maintain your security protocol at all times and save money. Your network becomes analytics driven.
  • Having built our own private MPLS networks with 99.999% uptime when Vapour was first established, and with a comprehensive range of modern network services now within our toolkit, network performance is a language we speak extremely comfortably.
  • For new customers, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on your network, now – which applications are running well and which are eating up unnecessary bandwidth, before recommending next step actions to improve performance. For existing customers, we can proactively provide this ‘always on’ APM service, 24/7, to continually optimise what happens on your network – we find, fix, and forward-think, even in the most agile DevOps environments.

What CEOs need to know about Vapour’s Application Performance Management service:

  • We know the pain you feel when things slow down. But your network provider may not be at fault. We’ll work with your team to spot and fix application performance problems – before you’ve even noticed them yourselves!
  • It’s our job to understand the apps that currently sit on your network – including which are business critical – and your capacity, availability and performance requirements. You may be able to power down servers that aren’t in use overnight, for example, before spinning them back up when you need them.
  • From server, database and UX monitoring, to targeted performance troubleshooting and service level management, we carry out everything in real time to deliver the visibility your business truly needs.
  • You become quicker, slicker and more agile as a result. That’s when the power of cloud computing can really be unlocked.

APM should add value, improve UX and cut costs

There was once a time when APM existed simply to monitor network activity. But the real-time end-to-end visibility that Vapour can achieve, means we don’t just track environment and workload conditions – we take actions that optimise performance, boost resilience by absorbing potential surges and ensure quality of service is maintained for colleagues and customers alike.

This cuts costs and adds value – which is exactly what technology should do, after all.

And, because we live and breathe networks, and have hand-selected every network engineer in our world class team, you have instant access to next generation public, private and hybrid cloud technologies and skill sets, as your network needs to evolve.

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