A revolutionary solution that is setting the new standard for online video consultations.

TeleDOC is a doctor initiated, secure video chat between the GP and patient, purposely designed to reduce the strain and costs imposed on the NHS, whilst improving convenience for patients.

The TeleDOC solution is a doctor service purposely designed to save time and money. Powered by cutting-edge WebRTC technology, it creates a safe, convenient and effortless way for ‘patients’ to visit their doctor, whilst encouraging a more practical approach to healthcare.

TeleDOC is all about control. It enables flexibility wherever the patient – or doctor – may be. So, if someone is too ill to travel, has contagious symptoms or cannot get to the surgery in time, the appointment can go ahead via video chat.

TeleDOC is one of the only video consultation services that does not unsubscribe patients from their registered surgery. That’s because the technology is working with the NHS not against them.

And the result – reduced cost for the NHS and improved service to patients.