TunnlCopper Delivery

Copper Delivery

What is copper-wired connectivity?

There was once a time when business owners didn’t think twice about their connectivity method – they simply wanted to access the internet so that they could go about their day. But things have changed. Organisations now have performance requirements, SLA expectations and a need for speed, to name just a few criteria.

That’s why ethernet connectivity is the most popular way for us to deliver our Tunnl services.

But we believe in offering choice, and ethernet isn’t right for every business – some clients still want copper.

Whilst it has bandwidth limitations, copper wire is ideal for small firms – with less than 10 employees – that are concerned about cost or back-up. Yes it degrades faster than fibre, so a replacement is almost inevitable at some point in the product’s life, but it can cope well with basic voice comms, is the more obvious choice in rural areas, and it provides familiarity for many.