When it comes to data access, Vapour offers different Tunnl solutions to satisfy the wide range of network connectivity required by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Exactly which service is right for you, will depend on the flow of data that your organisation requires now, and into the future.

The key to our network connectivity, is choice. That’s why we offer eight classes of service across our MPLS network, and incorporating five data centres throughout the UK. Interconnecting with all the Tier 1 carriers (BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone, TalkTalk and Exponential E), plus ITS and Metronet, we power connectivity for the full breadth of multichannel, business-critical applications.

Whatever delivery method you choose, you’re assured of fast, easy and efficient deployment, even if you’re located rurally or on a complex business park. We can also deliver our own private FTTC and DSL services. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and talk to us about what’s possible. More about our Ethernet delivery More about our Copper delivery

Tunnl Services


Wide Area Network (WAN) is data connectivity that can exchange traffic between different buildings, cities and countries, not just devices at any one site. By linking multiple sites together in this way, organisations are able to centralise their key operations to facilitate flexible working regardless of employees’ location, with utmost security on a private network.


An increasingly common method for receiving high-speed internet connection, Ethernet has evolved to enable the passage of up to 1Gbps of data, whilst laying the foundations for future capacity expansion. This is by far the most scalable, high-bandwidth solution and it has never been so affordable.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a reliable, low-cost leased line technology that offers huge cost savings over traditional fibre-leased lines and therefore brings much-needed connectivity potential for SMEs. With bandwidths of up to 20 Mbps, EFM is ideal for powering reliable VPN and VoIP services.


Ethernet over Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (or EoFTTC as it’s thankfully more commonly known) is designed to offer businesses a hybrid of FTTC and EFM connectivity. Using an existing copper line, the result of this cloud-ready blend is a circuit with guaranteed bandwidth and FTTC speeds.


Private Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (PFTTC) is a simple and cost-effective service to ensure your business is connected with next-generation fibre optic broadband. With top upload and download speeds of up to 80Mbps, that means connectivity ten times the national average.


A Private Digital Subscriber Line (PDSL) provides a cost-effective connectivity solution via a simple wall jack. Telephone wires carry hundreds and thousands of frequencies, but only a few thousand are utilised for telecoms purposes. PDSL therefore works with the frequencies that telephones don’t use, and, because each internet subscriber has a designated circuit, peak usage does not compromise connectivity speeds.


With no cables to install, a wireless network is quick, cheap and easy to deploy. As with fibre connectivity, we simply utilise wireless technologies to build networks that connect to Vapour’s own core. Designed to be scalable from day one and with resources accessible from anywhere within the network’s coverage, this is the ideal solution for fast-moving, fast-growing businesses that require freedom and flexibility moving forwards.

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