Untapped Technology as a Service opportunities in the channel

Technology provides us with many possibilities for the future. But are IT firms currently harnessing the full potential of it?

At Channel Live 2022, our CEO Tim Mercer explored some of the most innovative tech out there right now and the exciting things to come in the not-so-distant future, which will excel our ability to provide first-class service to our customers. Keep reading for some of the key take aways…

With 23 years of experience in the technology industry under my belt, I’ve seen exponential change in the sector. From having only three channels on the TV to now being able to access thousands of films and programmes on demand, it’s hard for younger generations to comprehend how quickly tech has moved on. In another 15 years’ time, the landscape will look very different to how it looks now.

For example, the world’s first truly smart city, built with technology at its heart, is being constructed in Saudi Arabia, as part of the $400 billion NEOM project – tapping into some of the most innovative kit out there. Yes, you read that correctly, we’ve gone from smart TVs to smart cities which is mind-blowing.

At the same time, science-fiction is coming to life in labs across the world. Bullets that can change direction in flight and material that lets soldiers climb glass, are just a couple of examples of technological development which will be groundbreaking.

But are we so focused on the tech of the future, that we are not realising the tech of today?

Technology as a Service isn’t new

It’s true to say customers expect more now than ever before. The ‘on-demand’ culture has intensified as more services move into the digital world. People want to buy the products they need online, with next day delivery – and rightfully so. But with such little interaction, we need to get this customer experience right.

And we do have the tools able to do it. There are untapped tech opportunities that already exist which can help us deliver first-class service, but we need to know how to use it effectively. It’s no longer an option to pretend that innovations are still inaccessible, in favour of sticking with traditional or more comfortable approaches. Because, as quoted in Accenture’s ‘Technology vision 2022’ report, “if you don’t change, you will get left behind.”

Thinking about future tech, today

5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and unified communications are just some of the technological advancements that are available right now. However, many so-called IT specialists still haven’t figured out how these will work for customers moving forward. The channel therefore has its work cut out.

To unlock the full potential of IoT we need still need the bandwidth to be able to deliver a worthwhile experience. With unified comms, we need to work out how to get sentiment values across, and now that voice interaction is becoming the norm, could the power of voice be used to improve and automate the customer experience based on tone and pitch? This is still yet to be explored and put into practice, for most.

As well as this, we’ve moved into the world of virtual and/or augmented reality – with the metaverse reshaping how people experience the internet and the physical world as a connected entity. In this sense, the physical world is becoming programmable, and the digital world will be brought to life across three layers; connected, experiential, and material. This will create hyper-connected environments that allow for customisability – bringing so much promise for the future of digital experiences. But again, we need networks to step up to enable this.

Lastly, we can tap into the rising role of the application layer. Customers want to understand the details of the data being delivered to them and this is where we can add the most value. Instead of experiencing issues with business networks and calling for help, we can now empower them a full view of what’s happening on their own network – identifying where bandwidth is being drained for example – which results in better customer experience all round. Visibility is key to the future.

We’re currently only scratching the surface of current opportunities and what customers want. The key is to look towards companies which are already unlocking the full potential of these technologies and to learn from them. This way, we can all benefit from what’s available to us, driving much-needed efficiencies and providing better customer service.

To watch the full presentation at Channel Live online, click here  


Posted By Vapour Comms Team

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