UK Government pledges £100m for AI safety research

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reported to have pledged £100m of support for a cutting-edge AI taskforce, as the UK advances its commitment to artificial intelligence safety. The figure is said to represent the biggest financial commitment to AI safety that any government has made.

The funding news coincides with an announcement that Google DeepMind, OpenAI and Anthropic will provide the UK with “early or priority access” to their AI models, in a move designed to support safety research.

With the widespread potential of generative AI now one of the most talked about topics in the mainstream media — let alone the tech space — there can be no denying that this is big news for the UK. Because with these unparalleled advancements come much-debated risks, including data confidentiality, harmful information gathering and cyber fraud, to name just a few. These concerns have already caused some international regulators to step in, with Italy one of a handful of nations to introduce an — albeit temporary — ban on ChatGPT.

The UK stance, on the other hand, seems to be to support ongoing innovation, although the Prime Minister’s taskforce announcement suggests a considered and consultative approach to progress.

Vapour’s CEO Tim Mercer commented: “Most progressive organisations seek to leverage the evolving potential of new technologies. But naturally, there’s a need to ensure any new activities are aligned with emerging safety protocol and regulations. The ability to participate in discussions that could shape the future ethicality and safe deployment of AI, is very exciting for British commerce.”

For further information, catch up on the latest from Tech Crunch.

Posted By Vapour Comms Team

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