Let’s talk tech – Matt Tuson, LogicMonitor

It’s no secret that the global tech sector is advancing at an astonishingly rapid pace – not least in relation to the now integral role of digital transformation in spearheading growth and success. But no matter the size or scope or your organisation – or how sophisticated your innovation strategy is – the only way to drive significant change is to leverage the power of people.

So, to champion some of the industry’s finest talent, and gain insight into the minds of individuals from across the tech space, we’re inviting friends and partners of the business to take part in our quickfire Q&A.

Up next, it’s Matt Tuson, general manager, EMEA at LogicMonitor…

Tell us about your role at LogicMonitor and the part you play in the tech sector:

I am the general manager for EMEA, overseeing LogicMonitor’s UK, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden teams. My focus is on delivering growth and momentum across the region and also driving customer success within our verticals and through our partners.

At LogicMonitor, we provide intelligent infrastructure monitoring across complex IT environments — whether in the cloud, hybrid or on-prem — which enables IT teams to be more efficient, agile and innovative.

What innovation was the turning point for your organisation, to get it to where you are now?

LogicMonitor is always innovating. And with each new update or acquisition, we add something valuable to the platform. We have over 2000+ out-of-the-box integrations, and that number continues to grow.

I think the integration of Log Intelligence at scale for hybrid and multi-cloud environments was a big turning point though, as it took us from simply monitoring to providing actionable data that allows teams to troubleshoot faster, streamline workflows, and reduce risk.

And where’s next for your business?

Back in 2021, we acquired an amazing company called Dexda, that was doing some really innovative work with big data and machine learning. We’ve been integrating its state-of-the-art technology into our platform at LogicMonitor, and I cannot wait to see how these enhancements power business growth for our customers and partners.

The biggest misconception faced by the tech sector is…

That moving to the cloud instantly makes everything less complicated. It can, but it needs to be implemented properly as part of a complete digital transformation plan — with full investment from leadership and IT teams. Otherwise, you end up with a mess of tools, containers, storage and solutions all over the place, which certainly doesn’t reduce complications!

What do you think will be the biggest tech trend over the next 12 months?

From the war in Ukraine to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, businesses have faced a myriad of challenges over the last year. Amid ongoing economic uncertainty, managing risk and remaining agile will be a priority for all in 2023.

Organisations across all sectors will focus on how they can make the most of their data. They will invest in architectures like data mesh and modern technologies such as data virtualisation – which will enable them to obtain valuable insights and remain productive and profitable during these unpredictable times.

What top tip would you give to an individual trying to excel in their tech career?

Stay inquisitive! Tech is a great space to be working in, and there are numerous opportunities available at all times. Keep yourself informed, attend enriching webinars, and learn as much as you can from everyone around you. This industry is full of people who are enthusiastic and love what they do, and they’re usually only too happy to share their expertise — make use of that. 

The next purchase on my personal tech wish list is…?

In my spare time, I play golf (although not very well!), so I’ve been eyeing up a golf smartwatch. They can use GPS positioning to tell your yards to the tee, track personal stats, and even advise which club to use. I need all the help I can get, so that’s high up on my tech wish list right now!

And what is your earliest memory of tech in your life?

When I was younger, we had one of those old Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers — I remember thinking it was the most high tech thing, and using the word processor software on it to write all my ‘thank you’ letters one Christmas. I always think technology that makes your life easier is the best kind, and that certainly made my seven-year-old life simpler!

What is one longstanding piece of tech you are shocked is still used today?

Since joining LogicMonitor, I have to say it astounds me that otherwise modern, IT-savvy organisations are still using traditional, old-school infrastructure monitoring. Some businesses we speak to have 10+ monitoring solutions that they have to check individually every time there is an addition to the tech stack, an issue or an outage. Who has the time for that? 

If you are without the internet for an hour, what would be the first activity you resort to, to pass the time?

I have a dog, so any free time I have, I like to pop him on his lead and take him for a walk. Not only is it great exercise and good for blowing away the cobwebs, but some of my best ideas have come to me while walking along the beach on a blustery Sunday afternoon.


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