How Xima CCaaS is revolutionising Avaya Cloud Office

Not your average contact centre solution, Xima’s cutting-edge technology empowers voice and web agents with everything they need to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Boasting skills based routing, custom queueing options, skills, callback assist, interactive voice response, plus historical and real time reporting, it couples additional call routing capabilities with Avaya Cloud Office’s (ACO) industry-renowned reporting suite.

Want to know the crucial difference? It comes without the price tag of high-end, omni-channel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) options. 

Here’s how else Xima’s CCaaS solution is making waves right now…

Streamlining the agent experience

With an ever-increasing volume of queries to manage, streamlining workflows is essential for customer service representatives today.

Xima’s Contact Centre Agent Client (CCAC) not only enables users to handle calls, web chats, and their CRM in one web-based interface, but also offers real-time metrics and events – either for the individual, team, or queue – to drive focus and boost productivity.

As well as providing the options of auto-responses from agents, canned replies based on skills, screenshot requests from customers, chat transfers, tag notes and account codes to disposition the query type, agents can also customise ‘do not disturb’ alerts when they wish to take a break. 

Compatible with various customer service software programmes – including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Zoho – it’s the ultimate flexible solution.

Intelligent, skills-based call routing 

From a customer’s perspective, there’s nothing worse than being passed from pillar to post. Building on an unlimited number of skills – which enable the use of different routing algorithms including linear, circular, most idle, and intelligent highest skill first – contact centre settings can be customised to optimise the end-user experience.

For example, queues can be altered to include:

  • Default announcements, such as estimated wait time
  • Custom announcements 
  • Queue music
  • Timeout and overflow, based on specified wait period and agent availability
  • Rerouting in accordance with specific conditions, such as queue length 
  • Sub-menu options, which may include scheduling a callback to lower customer abandonment rate.

Real-time supervisor management tools

Whether managing a large contact centre or small team of agents, supervisors need to be able to oversee activities in real time, in order to keep both agents and customer happy and engaged. It’s no secret that this is an inherently tough job, but with the right tools in place, call flow and state management can become practically headache-free.

With an overarching view of teams and data, supervisors scan quickly see what’s happening within their department – placing agents in and out of respective skills to make them call-ready, transferring relevant customer queries, and more.

Holding staff accountable and responsible for their performance pays dividends – improving the end-user experience as well as your bottom line.

Intuitive cradle to grave reporting 

With a detailed customer journey interface that shows every element of call flow from start to finish, supervisors can see which agents, skill groups, and external parties have been involved in resolving a query, and for how long. This tool also provides an editable layout, which can be tailored to fit your business’ needs and display more dynamic data.

As well as automatically running a report on key KPIs every hour, day, week, or month, Xima CCaaS offers the luxury of customising metrics without all the work associated with self-building. So, no need to spend hours manually combining and modifying spreadsheets to gather critical information.

P.S. We’ve had a sneak peek at the roadmap for 2023, and it’s pretty exciting! 

Looking for a straight-talking channel partner to help supercharge your contact centre software? Our toolkit speaks for itself, but we’d much rather chat through your organisation’s unique requirements. Get in touch, today. 

Posted By Vapour Comms Team

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