How 5G can help lift companies prepare for the PSTN switch-off

2025 is just around the corner, meaning it won’t be long before the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is completely retired by BT Openreach. As a result, organisations across the UK face a looming deadline to fully digitise their networks.

Here, James Wood, account manager at Vapour, explores the implications of this transition for lift companies in particular, and shares why 5G is the ultimate remedy…

Unable to support modern day demands for communication, the phasing out of traditional landline telephone networks in favour of more resilient, internet-based telecommunications services, makes perfect sense.

But in making Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) the standard, lift companies will need to ensure the hardware and software underpinning their remote monitoring and emergency communications systems can support VoIP protocols — not only to continue reliable service, but maintain compliance with regulations too.

This may seem daunting, but there’s an exciting solution on the horizon. Offering faster and more reliable connectivity, as well as allowing for more advanced features and capabilities — such as remote lift management and predictive maintenance — the natural successor, for the UK’s most ambitious organisations, is 5G.

By embracing the latest technology, lift companies can future-proof their systems and take advantage of the multiple benefits 5G has to offer. Including…

Faster connectivity 

One of the main advantages of 5G is its speed. With improved connectivity, lifts will be able to communicate with their remote monitoring and emergency systems in real-time. This means that issues can be identified and resolved quickly, minimising downtime and ensuring that operations are always running smoothly.

Increased reliability

With a more stable and robust network, businesses can trust that their systems will always be operational, even in areas with poor coverage. This sense of reliability is particularly important for lifts, as they need to be able to communicate with their remote systems at all times, regardless of their location.

Heightened potential

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of 5G, however, is its potential for advanced features and capabilities. With more bandwidth and lower latency, 5G can support more complex systems and applications. This includes features such as remote lift management and predictive maintenance — empowering organisations with state-of-the-art tools to streamline their operations and reduce maintenance costs.

As a leading cloud services provider, Vapour can help your business harness the power of 5G — whether you’re gearing up for the PSTN switch-off, or simply want to achieve more from your tech. Keen to learn more? Get in touch.

Posted By Vapour Comms Team

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