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Tim Mercer – CEO of Vapour Cloud was recently quoted in Comms Business regarding his vies on Business Communication Management. If you missed this then read Tim’s commentary below…


Is modern tech an FM’s nightmare or the key to greater efficiency and compliance?

The explosion of the cloud technology market has presented organisations with a number of secure applications capable of transforming the way we do business. Even processes that companies didn’t know they could do better, are now becoming slicker – as standard – because tech is getting so intuitive. As innovations evolve and the sector matures, these sophisticated solutions deliver more commercial robustness, and customer expectations are increasingly rising as a result.

The potential for facilities managers to deliver an even greater level of service to clients, is therefore vast. It could even be argued that if FMs don’t harness the technologies that organisations are so readily demanding, they will soon get left behind.

But the advanced nature of some of these applications means they need experts to support them. FMs therefore face a distinct challenge – try to deter clients from the opportunities that modern data management solutions bring, in favour of pushing older tech that may no longer be fit for purpose. Or, embrace the tech but struggle with the ongoing service delivery that clients seek.

There is a third option of course, which is to build collaborative relationships with tech partners, so that the solution is provided to customers in tandem. By doing so, FMs can concentrate on what they’re good at, safe in the knowledge that the client is satisfied with the systems they are now utilising.

Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on July 20, 2018

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