Getting to know Vapour – Tim Mercer

At Vapour, we’re as renowned for our people as we are our robust cloud services. That’s why we regularly put one of our colleagues in the spotlight so you can learn more about their role, their skills and even their annoying habits! First up it’s CEO Tim Mercer…

Job title

CEO (and general dogsbody!)

Describe your role in one sentence

I deliver the vision and strategy for Vapour.

If there’s one word to summarise why you got the job, what would it be?

PMA (a positive mental attitude – I never say no!)

Of Vapour’s suite of cloud services, which is your favourite?

Sanctm as it’s the one I know the least about!

The phone rings and it’s your dream client – describe who it would be and what help they’d need from you…

The Bank of England to sort out the mess of the banking culture and help prevent everyday clients from becoming incredibly frustrated.

If we were to ask your colleagues, what would they say is your worst habit?

Time management.

And what are you more positively renowned for?

Turning impossible opportunities into exciting deals.

What are your hopes for the business over the next 12 months?

Growth and the purchase of two companies to further add to our portfolio.

What is the one thing you’d change about the industry?

The charlatans who know nothing about what they are selling, trying to earn a quick buck and then leaving the client in a mess.

When Friday evening arrives and the weekend begins… where are we likely to find you?

In the Cricket Club having a pint of Guinness or two.

What is your dream job? (other than the one you already have of course!)

Wildlife cameraman.

Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on June 25, 2018

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