Getting to know Vapour – Richard Jackson

At Vapour, we’re as renowned for our people as we are our robust cloud services. That’s why we regularly put one of our colleagues in the spotlight so you can learn more about their role, their skills and even their annoying habits! Next up it’s Richard Jackson…


Job title

Account Manager

Describe your role in one sentence

I’m here to help existing and potential clients achieve innovation and growth through Vapour’s technology, and I also support our partners so they can provide the same services to their customers.

If there’s one word to summarise why you got the job, what would it be?


Of Vapour’s suite of cloud services, which is your favourite?

Höllr – without a doubt! We work in an era where so many elements of technology are so complex, they’re difficult for the layperson to understand. Unified communications doesn’t mean a lot to many people, for example. But everyone gets the potential of Höllr, and the beauty of it is that it can empower the entire workforce.

The phone rings and it’s your dream client – describe who it would be and what help they’d need from you…

I’m a huge sports fan so it would have to be a big brand like Adidas. For me the dream client is an organisation as forward-thinking as Vapour, that understands that digital transformation can be a real means of differentiation for their business.

If we were to ask your colleagues, what would they say is your worst habit?

I’m pretty loud, and they’d claim I don’t do my fair share of brew runs (although that’s not true!).

And what are you more positively renowned for?

I’m always making suggestions. Some people might find that another dreadful habit (!) but I’m constantly looking for ways to do things better and further improve our interactions with customers. I like to try and make a difference to our business and clients’.

What are your hopes for the business over the next 12 months?

That we continue to grow, widen our reputation even more, and secure additional ‘big ticket’ customers where we can really show what’s possible with Vapour on board.

What is the one thing you’d change about the industry?

The overuse of jargon and acronyms. Tech exists to help EVERYONE, so the focus should be on ensuring EVERYONE understands the potential, rather than trying to confuse people.

When Friday evening arrives and the weekend begins… where are we likely to find you?

I’m pretty sensible nowadays – I’d probably be at home having a meal with my fiancé and our cat. Occasionally I might be found down the pub of course…

What is your dream job? (other than the one you already have of course!)

VP of digital innovation at Adidas!

Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on December 4, 2018

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