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The channel is changing. ‘Digital transformation’ is no longer just a buzzword, and clients are now demanding cloud-first technologies within their business.

But Vapour has been cloud-first since our inception in 2013. In fact, our company is built on four cornerstones of cloud-first excellence – voice, video, networks and storage. It’s all we know.

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Empowering the health service to deliver free, confidential consultations, via a next-generation encrypted video call.

TeleDOC is a doctor-initiated, secure video chat between healthcare professionals and their patients, purposely designed to reduce the strain and costs incurred by the NHS, whilst improving convenience for patients.

A hassle-free patient experience – No apps. No downloads. No logins.

Powered by cutting-edge WebRTC technology, TeleDoc creates a safe, convenient and effortless way for patients to ‘visit’ their doctor, whilst encouraging a more practical approach to healthcare.

Saving both time and money – when the NHS has never needed it more – TeleDOC is all about control. It enables flexibility wherever the patient or doctor may be. So, if someone is too ill to travel, has contagious symptoms or cannot get to the surgery in time, the appointment can go ahead via a two-click video chat.

TeleDOC is also one of the only video consultation services that does not unsubscribe patients from their registered surgery. That’s because the technology is working with the NHS not against them.

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Designed for simplicity – how does it work?

  1. TeleDOC is a secure, easy-to-use interface allowing doctors to quickly book remote consultations.
  2. After logging on they create the new video session in the simple web application.
  3. The patient receives a text message with a free link.
  4. They click the link, select the “live call” button in the TeleDOC interface, and the appointment begins!

Since its launch to revolutionise the services offered by doctors’ surgeries, TeleDOC’s functionality has also attracted the attention of pharmacies, private healthcare firms, mental health specialists and more.


Simple to use

No software to load or run, for maximum ease-of-use and no patient/doctor delays.

Free to patients

No patient subscription meaning the service delivery remains free.

No app to download

With no apps to download, patients can use TeleDOC on any device.

No login or password

Suitable for people with no technical know-how, so no engagement/usage barriers.

No waiting or booking needed

Doctors can initiate a video consultation immediately with no scheduling if required.

Reduces patient churn

Patients can remain with their GP and do not need to re-register with another practice – keeping trusted relationships intact.

Latest WebRTC technology

Cutting-edge technology means your video consultation remains high quality and secure.

The best way to learn what TeleDOC is truly capable of, is by talking to us about the platform.

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