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The channel is changing. ‘Digital transformation’ is no longer just a buzzword, and clients are now demanding cloud-first technologies within their business.

But Vapour has been cloud-first since our inception in 2013. In fact, our company is built on four cornerstones of cloud-first excellence – voice, video, networks and storage. It’s all we know.

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Avaya Equinox


Bring the experience of a face-to-face meeting to employees, customers and partners, anywhere, on almost any device, with no upfront investment in new equipment.

By simplifying and converging audio, video, web collaboration, and webcasting to one cloud platform, users can save money, admin, travel time and user training, with one media-rich solution.

Voice is no longer the only way – or even the preferred way – to stay in touch with customers and colleagues. Employees now expect video, content sharing and instant messaging capabilities, which reflect their changing world of work. The days of basic desktop communications have gone.

With Avaya Equinox Meetings Online, it is possible to embed highly contextual communications directly into the varied applications, browsers and devices that employees use every day. The result is a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration. It frees them from the shackles of their desk and provides a more natural and efficient way to connect, communicate and share – when, where and how they want.

This is the ultimate in seamless, unified comms.


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How does it work?

Avaya Equinox Meetings Online enables robust voice and video collaboration, without the need for downloads or plugins, thanks to WebRTC technology.

This best-in-class browser experience eliminates migration challenges for organisations in the process of transforming their desktop business applications to the web and/or shifting applications to the cloud.

Have you tried Meeting Online?

Avaya’s virtual meeting room model provides media-rich group video, audio conferencing and web collaboration.

Eliminate the time wasted travelling to physical meetings and involve the people who truly need to attend, irrespective of location.


Turn meeting spaces into Huddle rooms

One of the most popular solutions within Vapour’s current video suite, is the Avaya CU-360 which turns meeting spaces into highly-collaborative Huddle rooms.

These neat, smart, yet affordable units facilitate HD visual conversations with colleagues in businesses of all shapes and sizes – irrespective of location.

Almost half of organisations use six different collaboration apps – aren’t things getting a little messy?

Avaya Equinox KEY BENEFITS

High performance

Access reliable, secure, HD voice and video with no-compromise on quality, anywhere on any device, with easy, remote access including VPN-less connectivity.

Quick engagement

With everything in one experience, users have one login and one easy solution to learn, and IT has just one solution to support.

Easy content collaboration

Share documents and applications as if everyone was in one place, with annotation tools, interactive whiteboards and instant messaging.

Break down barriers

Create and enter team rooms, organised by a variety of categories, with people inside/outside of an organisation.

Fast and fluid

Latecomers can bring themselves up-to-speed instantly without disrupting the meeting with the innovative ‘slider’.

Unified comms

At-a-glance visibility to everything a user needs, in one place and in real-time – calendar, contacts, messages, voice and video, for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

Built-in webcasting

Host a large meeting with up to 100 fully interactive participants, or extend it to 500 viewers with integrated webcasting.


Record your meeting with easy cloud playback, and download the MP4 file for a permanent record.

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