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The channel is changing. ‘Digital transformation’ is no longer just a buzzword, and clients are now demanding cloud-first technologies within their business.

But Vapour has been cloud-first since our inception in 2013. In fact, our company is built on four cornerstones of cloud-first excellence – voice, video, networks and storage. It’s all we know.

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In an age of flexible, unified communications, the need for face-to-face dialogue is falling, in favour of video. Video communications has evolved over the last 20 years from something that was complex and expensive, to what is now seen in everyday life through the emergence of WhatsApp and other user-friendly tools.

But whilst WebRTC advancements have changed the nature of informal comms in our personal lives, the evolution of tech in the business environment has still been lacking. Until now…

Gaze is Vapour’s video offering, specifically designed to deliver a flexible service to organisations large and small. From two-way communications via our instant video range through to our full collaboration solutions, we have the right product to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The result every time? More contextual conversations that build relationships and help businesses grow.

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Gaze services

Instant Video

The quickest, easiest way for your organisation to have a secure video call with anyone, anywhere, on any device – all powered by a free SMS.


Free, encrypted and recordable video consultations for healthcare professionals, with no apps, logins or usernames required.

Avaya Equinox

Create a unified comms experience for staff with a single, powerful gateway – call, message, conference and collaborate.

Avaya Huddle

The compact Avaya CU-360 video collaboration unit with full HD 1080p performance, 4K wide-angle camera and microphone array turns every space into a huddle room.


Pricing simplicity

Straightforward fee structures with no unexpected bolt-ons, make all Gaze solutions affordable and easy to budget for.


Using the latest WebRTC innovations, the result is always a media-rich visual experience – it’s easy to forget the distance between calls!

Flexibility focused

Available 24/7, and with video consultations/collaborations possible irrespective of location, participants have newfound levels of flexibility that better reflect our daily/working lives.

Improved productivity

Whatever the sector, the result is the breakdown of barriers to productivity, great customer service and unified communications.

Ease of use

Modern technology should NOT be difficult to deploy. These extremely savvy solutions have therefore been defined with speed and simplicity in mind.


Brought to you by the same cloud technology experts behind our renowned voice platform Höllr, these WebRTC solutions prioritise scalability, security and seamless communications.

We are actually suggesting video calls rather than telephone for some of our clients in different locations. It is really straight forward; you can’t go wrong. We love it!

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