High-performance networks with resilience and security in-built as standard.

Cloud-only since day one, Vapour lives and breathes fast, robust and secure cloud connectivity. So, whether a customer has a simple public cloud query, a business-critical private cloud requirement, or a need to design a hybrid cloud infrastructure fit for the future, we’re here. Always.

Our job is to create the cloud architecture your company really needs – not simply what we’d prefer to sell. So let’s remove the smoke and mirrors…

Get to know Vapour’s private MPLS networks:

Our MPLS networks power the full breadth of multichannel, business-critical applications and are owned, run and managed by our own engineers for optimum, SLA-focused robustness.

So, if you’re looking for private cloud connectivity, underpinned by five ISO27001 data centres, 99.99 uptime, and a 100% 30-minute response rate for priority 1 outages, talk to us about the various classes of service we offer:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) – exchange traffic and link multiple sites – different devices, buildings, cities and countries!

  • Ethernet – a scalable, affordable, high-bandwidth solution to enable the passage of up to 1Gbps of data, whilst laying the foundations for future capacity expansion.

  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM) – reliable, low-cost, leased line technology with bandwidths of up to 20Mbps, popular when powering SME’s VPN and VoIP services.

  • Ethernet over Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (EoFTTC) – a cloud-ready blend of FTTC and EFM connectivity, using an existing copper line, for guaranteed bandwidth.

  • Private Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (PFTTC) – a simple and cost-effective next-generation fibre optic broadband, with speeds of up to 80Mbps.

  • Private Digital Subscriber Line (PDSL) – a cost-effective connectivity solution supplied via a simple wall jack.

  • Wireless – a quick, cheap and easy to deploy solution which requires no cables but still connects to Vapour’s own core.

Have you seen Vapour’s Express Connect service?

If your network includes a public cloud service with a provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google, we can still offer the ability to route data via a private network. Most organisations – even vendors – don’t have their own data centres. However, thanks to Vapour’s ISO27001-accredited infrastructure, we can offer a dedicated private connection to your cloud assets with Express Connect – the ultimate in hybrid cloud thinking.

This increasingly popular service:

  • Provides a dedicated network connection from your premises to a third party.
  • Means you benefit from public cloud capabilities without your traffic going via the internet, for an optimum user experience and complete peace of mind.
  • Powers fast, secure and seamless public cloud connectivity with multiple CSPs.
  • Reduces organisations’ network costs, boosts control, reduces jitter and latency, increases bandwidth, and enhances overall network performance.
  • Is fully integrated by design, meaning you don’t need to worry about expensive extras.
  • Delivers the flexibility to scale up or down according to variable business needs.

And, if you’re a tech partner – rather than the end consumer of our Express Connect service – talk to us about a fabric link into our network, for your own customer base.


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