Two disruptive cloud tech firms – both headquartered in Yorkshire – have announced an industry collaboration to supercharge the digital transformation solutions delivered to clients.

Managed IT specialist CloudCoCo, based in Leeds, will strengthen the cybersecurity offering provided by us here at Vapour. And in return, we will enhance CloudCoCo’s infrastructure with the addition of security-first SD-WAN connectivity – a cost-effective, scalable cloud technology that integrates network and user security, with ease, for high performance remote working.

The alliance signals the latest in a series of strategic partnerships for us – as an organisation that has never shied away from joining forces with the industry’s brightest talent, when approaching customers’ digital transformation projects.

“Organisations – certainly in the larger SME market and above – don’t expect or want a vendor to be a ‘jack of all trades’ anymore,” explained CEO Tim Mercer. “They seek to place their trust in a small number of proven experts who will listen carefully to the brief and deliver exactly what the business needs. Partnerships, in this environment, are therefore key. But they have to be carefully formed, between specialists whose technologies, standards, and cultures, are on a par, with no exceptions.”

With both companies closely aligned with enterprise cybersecurity giant Fortinet, the credibility of the two brands was clear when discussions to partner first began.

“We’re here to demystify cloud technologies to make the impossible, possible,” Tim added. “You can only do that by remaining straight-talking and customer focused at all times, and sometimes going against the grain. We’re not afraid to do that, and neither is CloudCoCo. I think both companies – and the teams within them – are respected for their honesty, so we’re a good fit when it comes to devising solutions, together.”

Like Tim, Mark Halpin’s cloud-first vision was also dismissed when he too left the corporate world to set up CloudCoCo. Fast forward three years, and the business now has more than 1,000 customers, £27m turnover, and has recently acquired managed service provider IDE Connect and Nimoveri IT Support.

“I was told I was cloud cuckoo for believing the managed IT sector had become slow, unresponsive, boring and broken, so in April 2018 I left my long-term job and built a company of agile, fiercely passionate, and supremely talented cloud, cybersecurity, connectivity, hardware and hosted voice professionals,” explained Mark.

“Tim and I share a similar back story and many values too – not least a passion for delighting customers with the help of progressive people and powerful technology that doesn’t have to be complicated. This partnership could mean great things for both our respective teams. CloudCoco has an unlimited ambition in terms of growth, so the future starts now.”

Vapour is also forecasting 25% revenue growth by the end of the financial year.

He’s the newest face at Vapour’s HQ, and news of his appointment caused quite a stir in the tech industry when we revealed he had become our senior account director. So, we’ve mixed up our regular Q&A this month, so you can discover what all the fuss is about.

Glenn Ollivant, it’s over to you…

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

In a work capacity, it has to be securing one of TalkTalk’s largest single converged international network deals for data and voice services.

In a personal sense, I’m a very proud father of three amazing girls – Betsy (11), Imelda (9), and Nell (7). Kids keep you young, tired and poor – but it’s all worth it!

Name one thing people might not know about you

I did plenty of travelling during my 20s and had some crazy jobs along the way – one was plucking chickens! Even some of my closest friends don’t know that.

Tell us a fact about yourself that might surprise people

I’ve been a governor at our children’s school before – that always makes my friends laugh because they can’t picture me in that setting. I did that for three years before work and travel made it hard to fully commit to, but I’m still very active with school particularly their team sports.

Describe what you get up to on a typical weekend

There isn’t really any let up for us at the weekend – those days went years ago! I coach Betsy and Imelda’s football team so we’re either playing or training early, then we’re off to some other sort of class or child social engagement. I always make time for a Friday night pint though to decompress with the family. And Sundays are all about doing something together – often a walk, food, then a good film to finish off the weekend.

What’s the best piece of tech you’ve ever owned?

It’s got to be the first-generation iPods – downloading all that music (legally) blew my mind at the time! It’s crazy where we’ve got to now, across all brands, tech and devices though.

What sparked your interest in working in the tech sector?

It would be very crude to say money, but I genuinely wanted a better job, career options and lifestyle. It seemed a fast paced and cool place to work compared to where I came from – selling stainless steel! They’re chalk and cheese!

It was the best decision I ever made – it’s been both incredibly challenging and rewarding in equal measure. And now I’ve come full circle, working for the chap that gave me that first shot!

You receive an email from your dream client… who would it be and why?

I’m a big sport nut and sport documentary fan, and I’m particularly obsessed with Michael Jordan. Throughout my life I’ve had a 23 jersey and pair of Jordans, but after watching “The Last Dance” on Netflix I became even more obsessed. Just everything about him strikes a note that hard work really pays off – I really admire the way he trained and demanded so much of his teammates. He would have some great stories to tell, I’m sure – particularly about Rodman. Hopefully, he’d need a bit of disruptive cloud tech too!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

If it’s a movie about my life we’ve got to get the accent right, so being a proud northerner I’m going to say Sean Bean. I’d like to say Daniel Craig but I’m not sure he’d nail the twang!

If you were in charge of Vapour for the day, what would be your number one rule/objective/goal?

Ensure we deliver on the expectations we set our clients and partners. If we don’t look after them at every single touch point someone else will, and we could potentially lose them forever.

Describe your job/company to an alien

Assuming they understand my fairly broad Yorkshire accent I’d say very fast paced, disruptive, and genuinely keen to make our technology uncomplicated, so that we remain easy to deal with.

October feels like the month the business community properly woke back up – particularly when talking about tech. An increasing number of organisations have continued to acknowledge the emerging threats and opportunities caused by the ‘sticking plaster’ solutions introduced during the pandemic, with data security, network resilience and latency, among the most talked about topics.

When it comes to comms, Gartner published its new UCaaS Magic Quadrant for 2021, with brands like Microsoft hailed for leadership, while challenger Google was praised for ease of use. With 74% of enterprise users forecast to have ditched their desktop phone by 2024, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in this evolving space.

There have been product launches, investments, company acquisitions, movers and shakers, and more. The media has therefore had a LOT to talk about. But with disruption in our DNA, Vapour has continued to make plenty of headlines over the past three months.

Here are some of our highlights - click on the links throughout to catch up…

Vapour heads up sustainability in tech feature

Our head of transformation and operations, Carol McGrotty, headlined an environmental feature in Comms Dealer, which explored how organisations can reduce the carbon impact of their tech infrastructure – and the role that suppliers can play.

Senior hire gets industry talking

News of our latest hire caused ripples throughout the tech community, as we welcomed Glenn Ollivant ‘home’. He first entered the sector exactly 15 years ago, when he was trained by Vapour’s CEO, Tim Mercer. He’s had a high-flying career since, with roles for Virgin, Kcom and TalkTalk Business, and we’re delighted that his next big move, was into our ambitious team

This article from UK Tech News was one of our favourites.

How many SD-WAN solutions are truly security-first?

Vapour was interviewed by tech title Jaxenter, this month, on the incredibly hot topic of SD-WAN. But while these agile networks are causing quite the debate in industry, it’s crucial that IT leaders look for one that is truly security first. We delved into the exciting potential of this game-changing technology, while considering which solutions are truly worth the investment.

Digital transformation secrets unlocked

Don’t innovate for innovation’s sake, was the top-line advice provided by Vapour in an expert comment for Top Business Tech. The piece, which looked at the roll out of digital transformation projects in organisations large and small, explored how to reap maximum value from such an exercise, and why the role of people is just as crucial as technology and process digitisation.

Vapour collaboration accelerates Allvotec’s UC roadmap

In September, we shared that ICT specialist Allvotec had recently partnered with Vapour to bolster its Unified Communications portfolio. Allvotec is forecasting huge growth over the next 12 months, as organisations continue to adopt digital transformation projects at pace. This story hit the headlines, and was picked up by UKTechNews, CommsDealer, UC Today, Networking Plus and Business Link to name just a few!

And a feel-good story to finish…

CEO Tim Mercer tackles 286km challenge for Borne

There was widespread – and deserved – media support for Vapour boss Tim Mercer, when he embarked on a 286km challenge which he affectionately named his ‘week of hell’. In only five days he cycled 211km, rowed 20km, ran 13km and completed the 42km Yorkshire Three Peaks climb - all in aid of the charity committed to preventing premature Birth. His enduring feat was the latest in a series of fundraising efforts for Borne and has taken us that little bit closer to our bold £23,000 target. Thanks for getting behind us LeedsTech, UK Today News, Topic UK, BusinessUpNorth, Huddersfield Hub, and Eminetra.

There’s a lot more to come from Vapour in the final weeks of the year, as we prepare to announce new industry partnerships, customer projects and toolkit developments. To be among the first to read the latest, follow us on our social media channels Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here at Vapour, we've launched a new connectivity solution for organisations seeking the advantages of both a public and private cloud environment.

The newly unveiled Express Connect service offers customers the opportunity to route their data via Vapour’s ISO27001-accredited infrastructure, so that they can achieve a dedicated private connection to their public cloud service.

This means businesses benefit from the public cloud capabilities of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google, for example, without their traffic going via the internet. The result is an optimum user experience in terms of bandwidth and speed, as well as complete peace of mind when it comes to security.

Express Connect also helps lower organisations’ network costs, boosts IT control, reduces jitter and latency, and enhances overall network performance. It is fully integrated by design – which means budget transparency – with the flexibility to scale up or down as business needs evolve.

This extension to our toolkit is a bold move having invested millions of pounds in our own private MPLS networks.

“Our goal has always been to provide customers with high-performance networks with resilience and security in-built as standard,” explained CEO Tim Mercer. “And, being cloud-only since day one, we were not satisfied with the industry’s readymade solutions, so we built our own private infrastructure.

“This will absolutely remain a critical part of many companies’ cloud architecture, as the public cloud is not right for every application. However, we’re taking the story on, by using that private network to power fast, secure and seamless connectivity with multiple public cloud service providers (CSPs).

“All too often, the market pushes what it wants to sell, rather than offering people choice. As hybrid cloud becomes increasingly popular, we want customers to explore what is truly right for them, without sacrificing resilience or performance.”

Express Connect is available direct to end customers, but we have also devised a reseller solution for channel partners too.

Experienced industry professional Glenn Ollivant has joined the team as senior account director, exactly 15 years after he was first hired and trained by CEO, Tim Mercer.

Glenn switched from selling stainless steel to circuits back in October 2006, when Tim – then regional sales manager at Virgin Media Business (formerly TeleWest) – saw his potential. He quickly found his feet in the tech sector, progressing up the ranks at Virgin, before moving on to enterprise sales roles at Kcom and TalkTalk Business. 

Departing as TalkTalk’s technology and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) specialist, his name remains firmly in the record books having secured what is still one of the company’s largest ever deals.

And now he’s back working alongside some familiar faces, including Vapour’s head of transformation and operations Carol McGrotty, and sales manager Alec Stephens - who also propelled their careers following long stints at Virgin.

Things may have come full circle for Glenn in terms of his team mates, but the opportunity firmly represents his most exciting move yet, he believes.

“I’ve watched the Vapour journey with utmost respect for what Tim and the team have done,” commented Glenn. “We all knew the market wasn’t ready for a pure cloud offering when Vapour was launched in 2013. But the ambition, drive and foresight means that bold leap is now paying off - especially because organisations’ adoption of cloud tech has rocketed over the past 18 months.

“Working both with partners and now directly with end customers too – on more conventional solutions such as Unified Communications and backups, as well as cutting-edge virtual desktop infrastructures, secure networks for hybrid working, and even robotic process automation – this is absolutely the right next step for me. I’ve set myself bold targets, never mind the goals that have been outlined as part of my role!”

Glenn’s appointment represents the latest senior hire for us at Vapour, in the year we rebranded and evolved our toolkit to include next generation cloud tech, far beyond traditional voice, networks and storage mainstay.

Pushing for 20% revenue growth by the end of 2022, Glenn’s appointment will prove critical to the expansion of the new and existing business pipeline – not to mention the market better understanding what Vapour 2.0 can do.

“People of Glenn’s calibre don’t come along every day,” admitted CEO Tim Mercer. “I know – I mentored him! But the time is right for us to join forces once again, not least because the market is opening up again and we have the same attitude when it comes to supporting customers. His quality of service is outstanding, and he knows exactly what you can achieve in organisations if you’re agile, inquisitive and collaborative.”

“I’m really excited by Vapour’s tech stack,” added Glenn. “We can transform customers’ resilience and productivity, even with some simple tweaks to their infrastructure. And that energises me.

“That, and Vapour’s culture. I want to put some vibrancy back into my career.”

Vapour CEO, Tim Mercer, has today embarked on a gruelling 286km challenge in aid of the charity Borne.

The five-day feat will see Tim complete 13km of runs, 20km of rowing and 211km of cycling, as well as the 42km Yorkshire Three Peaks climb in only eight hours!

The bold quest has been shaped to raise money for the charity that helps prevent premature birth. It forms the latest in a series of events organised by the Vapour team, as colleagues collectively strive to hit their £23,000 target, before the middle of next year.

When Tim first signed up for this mammoth challenge, he actually expected to be heading to the Caribbean Sea, to make his way west across Costa Rica on foot, bike, kayak and raft.

His original adventure – which was billed as testing the limits of participants’ physical and mental endurance – would have seen him traverse remote jungle routes, reach heights of up to 3000m, and pass coffee and sugar cane plantations, before reaching the Pacific Ocean.

But while Covid-19 put a halt to these once-in-a-lifetime plans, he was determined the pandemic would not impact on his fundraising. So, he’s swapping the jungle for the gym, and tackling most of his 286km at Reform – the on-site facility at our Huddersfield HQ.

“When I first signed up for the Costa Rica coast to coast expedition – which would have seen me tackle the 286km with the likes of Will Greenwood MBE – I knew it was going to be tough. But if it was easy, why would people sponsor me?” said Tim.

“I don’t like to do anything half-heartedly. I’ve been training for months and didn’t want the planning and effort to go to waste. So, I put my thinking cap on, and have planned my own version of the challenge, which matches the Costa Rica itinerary as closely as possible – just with slightly different scenery!

“I really hope people will dig deep and support me, whether they donate to the JustGiving page or turn up to run a few kilometres alongside me!”

To support Tim, you can donate via JustGiving and follow his progress on social media #RaiseWithVapour on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Embarking on a digital transformation project can be exciting for many organisations – especially when customers, prospects, employees, and wider stakeholders feel the changes in a positive way. However, if the motivation to undergo a programme is purely for vanity or because a competitor is doing the same thing, it’s likely to fall flat.

That’s because innovation isn’t simply a case of rolling out a new product or service without substance or thought. Instead it’s about adding value, as our head of transformation, Carol McGrotty, recently discussed with Top Business Tech magazine…

The term ‘digital transformation’ is nothing new in the business world, and yet there are still misconceptions about what it truly means. Today, colleagues will be sat in their respective boardrooms thinking of ways to ‘freshen things up’ which is an exciting prospect in many instances – as long as they’re doing it for the right reasons.

Yes, organisations must continuously reinvent themselves to remain relevant. However, the answer isn’t always to roll out a transformation project without a plan, objectives or KPIs. Companies that do go down this route will often see their poorly executed project come up against various hurdles which could potentially result in damaging brand loyalty.

Transformation should therefore centre on driving business growth, streamlining operations or inspiring innovation. It must be delivered on the back of an effective solution that fixes a problem that individuals have been experiencing – whether customers, employees, or wider stakeholders.

And the truth is, while the end goal is vital when determining how a project has fared, the most important stage often revolves around the question of, ‘how does this plan add value?’ To get to this point, there are even more queries to consider, such as:

Digital transformation doesn’t have to bust the business budget

Another misconception is the belief that to embark on a transformative program, an organisation must have a bulging bank balance. However, the good news is that to evolve processes or streamline operations, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth or be a hugely revolutionary change.

For example, it could be a simple case of focusing on marginal gains – such as some simple robotic process automation – to empower a better outcome. And the work involved? Minor tweaks, but ones which will ultimately make a huge difference. Many organisations forget too that there is the option of rolling out a pilot scheme to understand reaction and provide another way to respond to feedback – both good and bad – without breaking the bank.

Empower employees to challenge the status quo

Additionally, these types of projects don’t always have to fall to the C-suite or a senior level employee with ‘technology’ in their job title. Typically, the individuals who are most passionate about the initial idea can often be the best people for the job because they believe in it, and can visualise how to bring it to fruition.

In this instance, colleagues with curiosity are critical because they are not afraid to question ‘how things have always been done’ – as long as they can provide a viable solution to make things smoother, swifter, and slicker.

Creating an environment where every individual’s voice is heard – and which embraces innovation – is more likely to inspire ‘lightbulb’ moments from various members of the team, and hopefully provide the innovation that’s required to help reinvent the company’s offering based on substance and value.

Not every project will go smoothly

Finally, an important point to stress is that there are likely to be bumps in the road during any transformation project. Therefore, it’s vital all scenarios are prepared for well in advance, and employees know the role they play – whether faced with Plan A, B or C. Responding positively to hurdles, even when they may appear difficult at first, can be the difference between a programme stalling or flourishing despite those initial setbacks.

Overall, a transformation project must add value. The idea in the first place should be less about vanity and more about a need that has presented itself – whether based on customer feedback or an employee simply asking the question ‘why do it like that when this way is quicker, slicker or smarter?’

Superficial plans that are created purely to go head-to-head with a competitor may still gain some traction and attract customers and prospects. However, if an organisation wants to transform an existing product, service, process or operation to generate brand loyalty, develop company culture and result in a positive bottom line impact in the longer term, a project of this type should always come back to value.

It’s Adam G’s turn in the spotlight this month! His passion for tech and interest in computers has shaped his career, from as early as choosing his subjects in college. He reflects on his nostalgic memories of using infrared to share music across the classroom, why effective communication is a key skill at Vapour, alongside his experience of the tech sector so far.  

Your 60 seconds start now…

How did you first get into the world of tech?

Tech has been something I’ve had an interest in from an early age. Since school I knew I wanted to work with computers, so when I got the option to choose my subjects in college, I went with IT systems support – and I’ve been in the sector ever since!

And what is your earliest memory of tech in your life?

Before the likes of Spotify and YouTube, we used to send songs across the classroom through infrared, which then progressed to Bluetooth later down the line. Oh, the nostalgia!

What’s the one quality you need to thrive in this environment (especially at Vapour)?

Good communication is always key. We can sometimes be using quite technical language, so it’s a quality that helps break down those barriers when working with clients.

And what is the one thing you would change about the tech sector?

The fact that so much of our personal information is stored for marketing purposes. It can sometimes come across as fairly invasive. I know this is changing, but there still seems to be plenty of ways for companies to get around it.

Why do you think Vapour stands out in the channel?

The people at Vapour are what makes the company stand out. All my colleagues are fantastic at what they do, and they know how to ask the right questions for our clients and communicate effectively.  I think that’s important.

Complete the sentences:

The best piece of tech ever invented is...

The computer! We spend all our working day on it.

The next purchase on my (personal) tech wishlist is...

A new mobile phone.

A tech firm that has really stood out for me in the last 12 months is...

Amazon. We just couldn’t have done without it over the last few years.

The biggest misconception in the sector is that...

One size fits all. The right tech will adapt to the needs of your business, not the other way around.

By the end of 2021, our tech will have made organisations far more...

Productive. I think that the pandemic has left a lot of organisations needing to revaluate their tech systems and has demonstrated just what is possible, in terms of efficiency, flexibility and collaboration.

Application performance, Borne, and consolidations… it’s been such a busy quarter for Vapour boss Tim Mercer, he could probably get through an A-Z of musings! But here are his highlights from the last three months…

Well, it’s the quarter when the world usually slows to a different pace because of the summer holidays, but with face-to-face contact resuming and the final Covid restrictions being lifted, there’s been a different energy in the business environment over the last three months.

We’ve had more ‘real life’ interaction with customers, and each other, since the start of July, and our charity golf day provided a fantastic opportunity to get together in a different setting, and catch up while raising a few pounds for Borne - £6385 to be precise!

I headed to Technology Live earlier this week too, and was pleased to see such a buzz about the place. Because of course, as CEO of a tech firm, I welcome the use of applications and platforms to help us do business, but you still can’t beat in-person dialogue, for certain types of interaction, such as this.

I sat on a panel which debated the topic of collaboration and diversification - two themes which have been core to Vapour’s evolution over the years.

There are different trains of thought on this topic, of course, which goes some way to explaining the sheer amount of ongoing M&A activity in the space right now. I don’t think this will slow any time soon, either. Many organisations are encountering challenges because they haven’t ‘kept up’, so their customer base alone presents an attractive opportunity for other firms. There are also pioneering innovators who are extremely hot right now, and the value of some of the deals being done reflects just how critical their engineering is to the future of workplace tech.

In terms of tech capabilities, generally, we’re seeing an increasing amount of interest at board level, surrounding what cloud products and services can now do. Where senior decision makers maybe wouldn’t have given tech procurement such a great degree of thought previously - beyond the size of the investment perhaps - they now want to be far more involved in the conversation. I think this reflects the fact that perceptions have changed, and people realise just how much of an enabler tech is (not to mention just how catastrophic a security flaw could be if remote working put sensitive data at risk, for instance!)

The customer experience (CX) is dominating strategic agendas - particularly in crowded industries - and the benefits that tech can leverage, could prove a key differential in this respect, for many businesses.

In terms of the tech that’s proving hot for Vapour, of course we’re still providing services like circuits and helping customers with some simple backup needs. But demand is also growing for solutions such as TeamsLink, which better leverages the communications capabilities of Microsoft users; SD-WAN which gives network control back to IT teams regardless of employee location; and application performance management which helps show organisations the true root cause of their bandwidth issues.

Such technologies - and the findings that often emerge from the projects that these solutions influence - aren’t just driving ICT related change. They’re being used to overhaul how entire business processes are managed - even how organisations are run. This is the power of the cloud, and it’s great to see minds being opened up on a broader scale, as to the role it plays in company resilience, as well as connectedness and compliance.

There’s a definite shift in the market towards true cloud players who understand this narrative - who come at a problem with a desire to fix it, not simply push a specific piece of kit. There’s an apparent desire to consolidate the number of suppliers that businesses rely on too - a trend which will no doubt continue, especially when the providers can grow to feel like an extension of organisations’ own teams.

In terms of the team dynamic within organisations, this quarter has continued to prove an interesting one. I spoke to Prolific North recently - about what I’ve learnt throughout my career, not just the last 18 months - and one of the points we explored was the level of understanding in the workplace.

I think, as a society, we have become more open and empathic towards other people, especially regarding mental health and wellbeing. I think sadly it was secondary for many businesses previously - with some organisations merely paying lip service to it. Now, ignorance or carelessness on the subject will not be tolerated, which is important. 

I elaborated on the fact that employees generally have more of a voice too - they’re no longer comfortable with being dictated to. This should make organisations better, more authentic employers, who live and die by their values, rather than simply posting them on their website because they sound good.

The challenge is to establish an approach that suits all - and values that ring true to those concerned - as people are individuals and no two companies are the same. There cannot be a linear top down or bottom-up approach either - the respect must be shared in all directions.

Let’s see what the next quarter brings…

Over the last 18 months, organisations all over the world have been forced to embrace digital transformation to allow remote and hybrid working from anywhere as the world tried to navigate the covid-19 pandemic. When we take a look back at some of the solutions that were implemented as part of the rush to work from home, it’s clear that not all of these are sustainable or come with the relevant security required for a truly robust hybrid workplace of the future.

As businesses and office spaces start to fill with people once more, we’ve seen a mindset shift, with digital transformation at the fore. In our latest tech news round-up, we share some of the stories that have caught our eye over the last few months.

The shift from cloud-first to cloud-everywhere

Recent advancements in 5G and connectivity are now creating huge quantities of data, and according to Forbes, this decade will see the concentration of three key digital trends – universal cloud adoption, empowering AI to simplify data analysis, and using data everywhere. Here at Vapour, we agree that we’ve moved past ‘cloud-first’ – the cloud is everywhere and for most organisations, it’s no longer a decision of whether to adopt it, but rather which solutions work best.

Continuing the theme of ‘cloud-everywhere’, you would be wrong to think that only large organisations can benefit from a cloud infrastructure. Even start-up businesses are reaping the rewards, and maximising the ability to grow, innovate, and be agile and flexible in the market. In a recent article from Tech Radar, they share why the scalability and security of cloud technology is perfect for ambitious, tenacious start-ups.

Ensuring cybersecurity as staff return from home

As offices regain their buzz, and colleagues return from over 18 months of using kitchen tables and spare bedrooms as workspace, we face a new challenge of cybersecurity as employees continue to use their own devices. A recent article from Raconteur focuses on what organisations should consider when handling the return to work – navigating the use of ‘dodgy devices’, and the end of make-do solutions. 

The role of people and processes in digital transformation

As automation and digital transformation projects becoming top of the company agenda – whether that be to drive business growth, streamline operations, or inspire innovation – its success relies on achieving the perfect balance of ‘people power’ and digital solutions. Our head of transformation, Carol McGrotty shared her tips and tricks on how to engage with your teams from the outset in this recent article on our ‘Knowledge’ page.

New tech incoming…

We’ve all heard about wearable tech, but something new that caught our eye recently is the idea of ‘Hearables’. According to The Conversation, they aren’t hearing aids, ear plugs, or even headsets, but instead could become the next always-on personal assistant that nestles into the ear with inbuilt artificial intelligence. The theory is that these will be great in the education sector, ‘empowering users to search for and access instructions while they are hands-on’. Here at Vapour, we’re looking forward to seeing where this new technology could make an impact.

Want to hear more on the latest in emerging tech? Our CEO, Tim Mercer is taking to the stage at Technology Live this month (28th September), as part of a panel discussion event that will see providers from the cloud, MPS, voice, SaaS, storage, UC, security, and AI worlds come together.

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