TeamsLink transforms voice calling for growing construction firm


Seddon has grown from a small construction business to the UK’s largest privately owned and family managed contracting firm, employing over 650 people. And when the ever-expanding organisation began to increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams – not least during the Covid-19 pandemic – supercharging its voice infrastructure with TeamsLink made perfect sense.

The challenge

Vapour has worked with Seddon for many years, and as the relationship has evolved, so too has the scope of cloud services delivered.

Initially providing a SIP network and co-location solution for the multi-site business, our primary focus was tidying up the many numbers at play, and improving the level of customer service Seddon received following a poor experience with their former partner.

However, during the pandemic, conversations turned to how to further enhance their voice strategy. Unsurprisingly for a busy construction firm, Seddon’s workforce is flexible and varied, with multiple off-site users. And with Microsoft – and specifically Microsoft Teams – running through the heart of the business, a move to TeamsLink seemed like a logical solution.

At a Glance

• Unified Communications powered by TeamsLink
• Microsoft-approved voice calling platform
• Supercharges untapped benefits of Microsoft Teams


TeamsLink is a powerful direct routing solution which enables efficient, compliant external voice calls from within Microsoft Teams. The purpose-built portal provides Seddon’s system administrators with numerous additional features – not available from Microsoft directly – including advanced call routes, hunt groups, group voicemails, visual routing manager, advanced disaster recovery, customised Power BI reporting and more.

The roll out of TeamsLink – a Microsoft approved solution – was staggered to ensure a manageable project that built confidence in the solution. Focusing initially on 110 users in the first phase, the programme developed sequentially to encompass additional employees including the mobile workforce.

The results

Vapour has switched Seddon to a fully cloud-based platform, which means they can make and receive calls via Microsoft Teams, with minimal fuss.  The ultimate Unified Communications solution in the era of hybrid working, this keeps everything within the Microsoft ecosystem – an environment that colleagues feel very comfortable with.

The intuitive online portal gives complete visual control over the management of users and call flows, and Seddon now has a single pane of glass solution, complete with recording assurances, secure data archiving and retrieval functionality.

Call costs are further reduced, and the team is more technically efficient thanks to the optimisation of bandwidth – with no detriment to the call experience.

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“We’re fiercely proud of Seddon’s reputation as a trusted construction firm, so this same cornerstone of business is crucial when we select new partners to help us grow. We have complete faith in Vapour’s cloud technology and the customer service we receive. We make decisions that will futureproof our organisation, and Vapour’s TeamsLink solution has done just that.”
Tracey Heaton, IT manager, Seddon

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To discuss anything of interest in our projects, please contact us.
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