Quality of connectivity powers multi-year relationship with property firm


With more than 70 commercial rental properties in Holmfirth and Huddersfield, Towndoor is a well-respected organisation with an impressive yet deserved reputation locally. The portfolio is always 100% let, with a waiting list of customers ready to snap up one of the spaces the 30-year business has to offer.

Towndoor’s operations are not IT-heavy, but the firm is renowned for being at the forefront of adopting the latest systems and technologies, particularly if they will have a positive impact on customer service levels.

At a Glance

• Long-standing internet connectivity client
• Established name in commercial property rental
• Relationship nearing 10 years
• Recent upgrade completed to support growth potential

The challenge

Back in 2015, Towndoor’s founder Dan Bamforth knew better connectivity would play an integral part in the growth plans of the expanding firm. At that time, the broadband market was saturated with options, but Dan wanted to work with a local company that could provide a personal service, rather than a faceless ISP (internet service provider).


As dialogue with Vapour unfolded it became clear that Vapour’s managed internet lines wouldn’t just deliver the best level of service and reliability for Towndoor, but they’d be cost-effective too.

Two 100mb connections were delivered – the first for business-critical operations (including CCTV) at Towndoor’s HQ, and the second at one of Towndoor’s industrial properties, where the connectivity is distributed to tenants too.

Uptime is crucial, as is the level of service provided. We have worked hard to understand the nuances of Towndoor’s business, and this knowledge and experience means we have strong lines of communication. If any maintenance work is required, updates are provided in advance to ensure disruption is mitigated.

Keen to futureproof the business with even faster internet speeds – even if they don’t require such connectivity now – Towndoor recently approached Vapour to discuss an upgrade. After all, the organisation now relies on a growing number of cloud-based applications, so who knows how this will advance over the next three years.

Mindful of conducting due diligence irrespective of the service levels to date – not least because it was three years since they evaluated the landscape, Towndoor benchmarked Vapour’s latest proposal against other providers.  Once again Vapour did not disappoint.

The results

Now Towndoor has 500mb over 1000mb connectivity, which will supercharge the efficiencies of the business as it continues on its growth trajectory.

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“We are continuing to expand our commercial property portfolio in Huddersfield and Holmfirth, with the development of additional facilities including our recently launched café and some upcoming new industrial units. It is vital that as we look ahead to future growth, nothing holds us back. Vapour has powered our connectivity for nearing a decade, and they’ll be our ISP long into the future too.”
Jack Dixon, Operations Director, Towndoor

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To discuss anything of interest in our projects, please contact us.
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