Connectivity for growing trade products specialist


Construction products supplier Northern Building Plastics has once again invested in the Vapour Cloud as the organisation looks ahead to further growth.

At a Glance

• 100/1Gb circuit at two busy sites
• Resilient FTTC backup
• All configured to automatically failover with Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
• SIP provision to control circuit bandwidth for quality of service and great user experience

The challenge

As a long-standing technical partner, Vapour installed the company’s first circuit back in 2017, to fuel greater connectivity at its Leeds site. But as Northern Building Plastics has continued to grow, so too have the team’s cloud requirements.

When the organisation opened its second site in Bolton in 2018, they turned once again to Vapour. And now the 86-strong organisation is gearing up for further expansion, with plans to open a third depot in the Midlands in late 2021.


Northern Building Plastics has therefore re-signed its connectivity agreement with Vapour, this time with 100Mb of bandwidth on a 1Gb bearer for the two existing sites, with FTTC backup – all configured to automatically failover (HSRP). Vapour also looks after the firm’s SIP, enabling the hassle-free control of bandwidth down the circuit, for an optimum quality of service and uninterrupted user experience.

The results

Despite the economic turbulence caused by Covid-19, Northern Building Plastics has continued to grow. And with a nationwide customer base, plans are already taking shape to expand further – beyond the third additional depot – in future years. Vapour has therefore provided a scalable, dependable network with high uptime, that will ‘power’ so many of the organisation’s business critical systems without breaking the bank.

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“Given the crowded nature of the tech and telecoms sector, it’s easy to think of internet circuits and lease lines as merely a commodity. But if you’re serious about the connectedness and performance of your staff and customers – particularly in a growing business – the dependability of this service is paramount. Our network is critical to our business infrastructure – it is the resilient backbone between our sites and the internet – and Vapour has never let us down. As we prepare for further expansion, why wouldn’t we procure our services from one single, trusted provider?”
Jono Green, managing director, Northern Building Plastics

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To discuss anything of interest in our projects, please contact us.
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