State-of-the-art machine agents for contact centre operation.


Unprecedented demand risked overloading the capacity of a multichannel contact centre operation. But having identified the pressure point, Vapour designed an automation innovation – complete with machine agents and NLA technology – to enable rapid scale up with no detriment to the customer experience…

The challenge

When a vast contact centre experienced record demand due to the unprecedented level of calls received during the turbulence of 2020, their system’s capacity was, at times, overloaded.

Keen to increase the volume of queries that could be handled without any detriment to the user experience, the client turned to Vapour for support.

At a Glance

Machine agents and Neuro Linguistic Approach (NLA) tech supercharges contact centre.
Automation project underpinned by Content Guru technology.
Supports rapid mobilisation scale-up environment.
Protects customer experience even during periods of unprecedented demand.


Having evaluated the client’s requirements at pace due to the ever-changing circumstances that became common during the pandemic, Vapour has designed an automation innovation capable of analysing the caller’s language using Neuro Linguistic Approach (NLA) technology, and addressing commonly-asked queries via intuitive machine agents.

Powered in collaboration with Content Guru, the system also presents the option to send an SMS containing all the relevant information and URLs, to the caller, if required, and contains triggers to escalate the query to a contact centre agent if the individual needs further detail or reassurance.

The multichannel operation was completely overhauled in only three weeks.

The results

Vapour’s automation roll out has boosted the volume of calls that this communications hub can handle and further expanded its already rapid mobilisation scale-up environment, by adding more than four times the capacity when demand peaks.

The client has been able to maintain the customer experience by enabling callers to get access to the information they need, with minimal wait times and definitely no hard dial tone. In other words, having identified a pressure point in the contact centre’s service – the number of calls that couldn’t be answered in time – Vapour has used automation to aid smarter communication.

The client can scale down or up to cope with unprecedented demand, in an instant, which is particularly crucial in these ever-changing times

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To discuss anything of interest in our projects, please contact us.
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