The ultimate network performance tool.

Detect the network challenges you REALLY need to solve…

…with Logic Monitor – Application Monitoring as a Service (AMaaS), powered by Vapour.

Providing visibility across your entire IT infrastructure – including on-premise, cloud and hybrid applications – this proactive surveillance tool brings enterprise-level performance optimisation technology to organisations of all sizes.

The goal is to uncover root causes of network underperformance – ideally before they arise! This more preventative approach to application management boosts business efficiency, IT resilience and employee productivity, while minimising downtime, security risks and avoidable tech costs.

Real-time alerts notify users when action needs to be taken, while more pre-emptive performance metrics and monthly IT recommendations help analyse trends, aid informed decision making, and continually optimise your IT ecosystem. What’s more, with the help of Vapour’s straight-talking tech specialists, we are on hand to devise new solutions to network challenges that may previously have laid undetected.

New customers on Vapour’s network will have the solution installed, at no cost, as standard, with AMaaS subscription fees charged on an affordable, monthly, price-per-device basis.

Want to get under the hood of your network?

Logic Monitor use cases:

This always-on surveillance tool is perfect for organisations, large and small, experiencing business critical challenges such as:

  • IT infrastructures and/or tech stacks becoming increasingly complex, with aged assets and multiple applications presenting a loss of visibility across the estate.
  • Network speed and connectivity issues – not least due to hybrid working – impacting on productivity levels.
  • IT teams becoming shackled with troubleshooting, downtime fixes and fault resolutions, and prevented from undertaking more strategic work.
  • Customer service levels being jeopardised by slow, intermittent, or broken network performance.
  • IT costs mounting.

Want to know if Logic Monitor could benefit you?

Logic Monitor benefits at-a-glance:

  • Enhanced visibility across the entire IT estate, to regain control and ensure informed decision making.
  • Analyse application activity and network traffic in granular detail to uncover what is truly putting IT performance at risk.
  • Adopt a preventative maintenance approach, before problems arise, to reduce the likelihood – and cost – of downtime.
  • Adopt a marginal gains – or transformative – approach to network performance optimisation, for ongoing ROI.
  • Access the network performance metrics you need to pursue a more strategic approach to IT, or rely on Vapour’s own experts for a more collaborative approach.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of network inefficiencies, to boost your sustainability agenda.
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