7 takeaways from pt18

As an established partner of the pure technology group, Vapour has grown to become a familiar name on their annual event line-up. So once again, members of the vapour team headed to Chapelthorpe Hall last week, for the much-talked-about pt18. It was the biggest and best pure event yet, and here are our 7 takeaways from the jam-packed day…

1. Criminals are innovating – there’s never a time to rest

As cybercrime capabilities reach almost frightening new heights, there is never a time for businesses to rest on their laurels. The question isn’t now ‘what would happen if we got hacked?’ but ‘what will happen when we get hacked?’ Organisations that are dismissive of their need to prepare, prevent, detect and respond, need to change their mindset – and fast!

2. Being security conscious is NOT just ticking a GDPR box

GDPR has consumed companies’ time, effort and resource in recent months, and understandably so. But adhering to data protection legislation is, in truth, something that businesses should have been doing all along. And whilst many firms may now be breathing a sigh of relief because they’ve ticked their GDPR compliance boxes, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern security considerations. Phishing, for example, is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and company-wide training is key if businesses are going to protect themselves against it

3. Great tech can be used for bad things – flip this on its head!

Acclaimed author Jamie Bartlett, who penned the renowned book The Dark Net, coined it perfectly – “if you’re looking for ideas, ingenuity and innovation: the criminal underworld isn’t a bad place to start!”

It sounds an unusual statement to make, but the key thing to note here is that the digital underworld is moving at such a pace because cyber criminals keep thinking and changing the parameters of what’s possible. Law-abiding innovators need to do the same and use ‘bad’ disruptive tech for good.

4. Unified comms is now for everyone

Go back 12-18 months and, on the whole, only larger brands approached us to talk about moving from traditional comms to unified cloud solutions. But now owners of businesses large and small are realising the benefits of truly multichannel communications that reflect customer demands, facilitate flexible working, ensure absolute legal compliance and save money. The interest in our Hӧllr product suite said it all.

5. 93% of organisations are battling barriers to become a digital business by 2030

Sarah Shields from Dell EMC delivered a fantastic presentation which included a startling fact that, despite the fact there being a unified understanding among business leaders, of the need for digital transformation, 93% worry about how they’re going to actually do it! The encouraging point is that they acknowledge that change is crucial. It’s down to trusted tech partners like Vapour and tptg, to help them make this change possible.

6. Tech is more exciting than ever before

OK so it’s stating the absolute obvious, and it’s perhaps an unsurprising statement for a tech company to make. But pt18 emphasised just how game-changing tech is becoming for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Yes, security was by far the most talked about topic at the event, but the innovations on show – from next-gen 3D printers to dancing robots and assisted reality – evidenced that we’re never going to stop talking about ‘what’s new’ because cutting-edge tech is becoming smarter, more unbelievable and yet – importantly – more attainable than ever before.

7. Do 100 things 1% better to be a world-class team

World Cup winning rugby legend Will Greenwood took to the stage at pt18 to share some of his career experiences and highlights, particularly when it comes to leadership. His witty and inspirational talk included lots of notable tit-bits, but one of our favourites was the fact that his squad broke mammoth challenges down into more achievable bite-sized chunks and focused on doing 100 small things 1% better on their journey to becoming the best. It shows the need to analyse performance in so many areas of business and development, and highlights the benefit of even the tiniest incremental improvements as companies grow.

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Posted by Emily Fewtrell
on June 22, 2018

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