It’s Carol McGrotty’s turn in the spotlight this month – find out what Vapour’s head of operations and compliance would change about the tech sector, why she couldn’t live without her Sat Nav and her thoughts on embracing female talent in the sector…

How did you first get into the world of tech? 

It was fate that led me to a secondment role in January 2000 with NTL (now Virgin Media Business). I stayed there for 12 years and then the opportunity with Vapour Cloud came along.

And what is your earliest memory of tech in your life?

I’m not sure that this technology really changed the world, but when we got an electric typewriter in the house, we definitely thought we had moved with the times!

What’s the one quality you need to thrive in this environment (especially at Vapour)? 

Innovation.  At Vapour we are always curious – and looking for new ways to surprise and delight – as well as finding even better methods of doing things.

And what is the one thing you would change about the tech sector? 

When it comes to embracing female talent in technical roles, there is still a way to go. The key for future generations is encouragement at both school and apprentice level.

Why do you think Vapour stands out in the channel?

We have a reputation for working closely – and becoming entwined – with our partners’ sales and marketing teams, which leads to great success rates. We also offer key tools, systems and workshops to third parties – making us different.

Complete the sentences:

The best piece of tech ever invented is...  the Sat Nav. I’d be lost without mine – literally!

The next purchase on my (personal) tech wishlist is... a Fitbit Charge 3.

A tech firm that has really stood out for me in the last 12 months is... Spearhead Interactive. Its demonstration of the interactive experiences that virtual reality offers – witnessed at Vapour’s Innovation & Disruption events – was very impressive.

The biggest misconception in the channel is that... the industry should be avoided because it’s challenging. This should be a motivator for workers and not a deterrent – it’s why we are so passionate about what we do!

By the end of 2020, our tech will have made organisations far more... private and secure through cloud-based technology – the Vapour network ensures that customers have excellent end-to-end private connectivity.